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10/2020: You Wealth Revolution Season 20 “Global Awakening Project™” ❤ 639 Hz Mp3 – More Abundance and Less Struggle Mp3 Gift (inside)

Dear friends,

Are you trying hard to create abundance?

…and the life you desire?

Do you wonder how some people easily manifest abundance, harmony, and their dream life?

Well, the REAL secret might surprise you because it’s not about working harder….

But using the right ‘energetic formulas’.

Curious how?

Luckily, our friends at You Wealth Revolution are sharing this with the world online.

It’s called the Global Awakening Project™ and it begins with your own 639 Hz Abundance & Harmony Kit >> (A $79 value FREE):


During the online Global Awakening Project™ nearly 1 million people will experience a ‘high vibration’ energy field as 40+ top teachers, healers, and scientists will reveal their #1 quantum energy activations to instantly help you to:

Create QUANTUM MIRACLES and Shifts to rapidly attract the things you truly desire.

LIVE in the HAPPINESS, love, and harmony of the ‘New Earth’ no matter the challenges around you…

– Experience Powerful FREE daily ‘soul healing’ with the energy transmissions to live your ‘best life’ now

REJUVENATE your life force energy, re-build your physical, cellular, and spiritual body…

And it’s all FREE! 

Including LIVE daily energy support, personal soul healings, the latest energy techniques, and more!

And today you’ll instantly get your 639 Hz Abundance & Harmony Kit.

This ALL NEW frequency tool uses the mystical power of 3, 6, and 9 combined with a 639 Hz overtone that begins to open you up to the energies of 1,787 documented awakenings!

Why 3, 6 and 9?  Experts believe these numbers may represent actual doorways to a ‘flow field’ of higher dimensional energy that constructs reality.

In just 7 minutes you’ll discover how to create your own ‘flow field’ to align yourself to true abundance, harmony, and what you truly want.


EMN Team

P.S. For nearly a decade more than 6 million people have been attending the You Wealth Revolution and this ALL-NEW online Global Awakening Project™ online event is going to impact millions more.

Here’s what people are saying:

“Absolutely I cannot count the ways I have changed…
became so much calmer and happier”

“Gradually everything changed by listening… finances, relationships, and health”
“OMG …where to begin. EVERY aspect of my life has changed”
“I’ve changed from being totally stressed…to being CALM”
“I have found a JOY and a peace I never thought was possible”

 P.P.S. Short on Time?

 >> Save Your Seat, SIT BACK – Join the Energy



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