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10/19-11/03/2020: Mundane to Magical Online Summit with Louise Matson (Season Four)

Not to be missed Season Four of the Mundane to Magical summit with Louis Matson begins on Monday 19th October 2020!  This is definitely a date to put in your diary and head over to the Upcoming Speakers page for access details as this season you will have the opportunity to join some interviews LIVE and interact directly with the speakers in the Q&A portion or alternatively you can post any questions for the speakers beforehand if you know that you are unable to attend the interview live.

Powerful and amazing speakers like Jill Purce, Karen Curry Parker, Pam Oslie, Judy Cali, Ana Maria Vasquez, Ellen Watts, Charlotte Banff, Akasha, Elizabeth Wood, Nora WalksInSpirit, Cayelin Castell, Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire, Nicolas David Nygan, Carol Nayach, and Calista are bringing you a SPIRITUAL MASTERCLASS on such topics as:

  • The Importance of Connecting with Nature and Animals
  • How to Communicate with Animals
  • The Healing Power of Our Voice and How to heal our Ancestors
  • Cosmic Ordering and Living & Manifesting within the Quantum Fields
  • Working with Human Design and The Energies to Come in 2020/21
  • Your Soul Contract Decoded – An Introduction to the Hebrew Fire Letters
  • Messages from the Arcturians
  • An Introduction to the Archeai – The Female Archangels
  • Lightbody Activation Work
  • The Importance of the Venus Cycle in ALL of our Lives
  • And so much more on how to shift your life from the Mundane to the Magical!

Learn more at mundanetomagicalliving.com

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