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Global Bliss Transmissions with Mahalia Michael

01/01/2022: Free Brain Bliss Transmission with Mahalia Michael

Join monthly LIVE Brain Bliss Transmissions with Mahalia Michael where she will deliver a powerful 20-minute light sound experience. Awaken your superpowers and your dream life! This is a free online event you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.  Register below if you would like to have monthly reminders and the dial-in number delivered to your inbox – Global Bliss Transmissions

 Next Global Bliss Transmission is:

January 1, 2022, from 9 am to 9:20 am PST

About Mahalia Michael:

Mahalia is the founder and creator of Brain Bliss Technology and Academy offering extraordinary experiential and educational products and services to advance, accelerate and optimize brain and body function.

Her sonic shaman and ‘seeing’ abilities have given countless clients miraculous, life-changing results.

Mahalia lovingly guides her Brain Bliss guests to higher states of vibrational health, liberating self-empowerment, JOY, and deep connection to Universal ENERGY, what she refers to as the Ocean of Devotion. With twenty-five years of experience on the leading edge of human acceleration, and trained in ancient Hawaiian healing arts, Mahalia is honored to extend the restorative whale and dolphin ‘Ocean Gold’ for those ready to let go and live their dreams.

Visit her beautiful website – https://www.brain-bliss.com/

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