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A Vision for Awakening, Picture by William Belan

A Vision for Awakening

We see a world where we, the people, have awakened from the dream imposed on us by those who came before us; awakened from the dream of suffering and shortage; awakened from the dream of our lesser Selves, and having stepped into the Reality of who we truly are – empowered, unlimited, Spiritual Beings capable of miracles and magnificence.

We see a world where the veils have been lifted, the lies revealed, the fears dispelled, and our courage restored so that now we are all unencumbered by illusions that no longer serve us. And in their place, we now see life unfiltered, as it really IS, beautiful beyond description, abundant beyond measure, expanded and exalted beyond anything we have ever imagined.

It is in a world filled with awakened, happy people who have rediscovered the wisdom in loving one another that we are thriving and blossoming in complete creative freedom. Infinity and eternity have opened up before us and we have welcomed them with the innocence of mind, an openness of heart, an adventure of Spirit.

As Enlightenment Media News lines up with this Vision, it becomes our vision too!

From Vision Alignment Project

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