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Attract Your Dreams Like A Magnet & Speed Up Your Manifestations With Our “Ignited Self” Vision Board Kit!


Dear friends,

Are you going to create a new Vision Board for your life in 2022?

WARNING: Don’t do it before you read this!

My friend Mary Morrissey (who’s built three multi-million dollar businesses & worked with people like the Dalai Lama & Nelson Mandela, to name a few)…

Recently shared with me a NEW way to create a Vision Board that’s changed everything.

The OLD way of creating a Vision Board that most people use works okay (it’s way better than doing nothing)…

But it’s not the best…

So, Mary was kind enough to put her whole Vision Board Creation process into a single downloadable kit, AND she’s giving it away to friends & friends of friends!

This kit has changed the lives of the people she’s shared it with very quickly…

Here’s how it works. You start by:

♥  Developing your ‘4 Quadrant’ vision for total life satisfaction (a vision that won’t have you chasing things that won’t make you happy or sacrificing what’s actually important to you)

♥  Then you’ll unleash your imagination with guidance on how to define what you really want (your dream life)

♥  PLUS, along with this holistic vision & clarity, you’ll get multiple ‘tools in the toolbelt’ to help you stay plugged in & inspired for all of 2022 so you don’t burn out by February!

The idea of a regular Vision Board is great, but this is a complete system and it’s much more motivating to use.

Normally, this whole kit is $27, but Mary is making it available for FREE for the next few days!

Download your Vision Board Kit here:

“Ignited Self” Vision Board Kit

We look forward to hearing how this helps you!

EMN Team

P.S. Mary & the Brave Thinking Institute is internationally known for hosting some incredible live online transformational events. Check them out if you get the chance! The next one we hear about, we’ll let you know, so be on the lookout for more info!

For now, grab her vision board kit here: “Ignited Self” Vision Board Kit

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