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If you had a power to change the world for the better in a practical way, what would you do?

How the “Change the World Project” was born by Jurate Gattini

This project was born in my mind in 2011 when I was preparing an inspirational speech for my public speaking club.  I came up with the title  – “Inaugural Speech of the First Elected Woman President of the United States”. Even though it was not a real speech of a president that would be heard by millions of people all over the world (only 40-50 members of my club would hear it), I took this project very seriously. It took me a few months to come up with ideas that I wanted to present.

I was exploring inaugural speeches of the presidents from different countries already delivered in the past – they had a lot in common: most leaders made a lot of declarations and promises that sounded great, but very often remained just empty slogans.

Most of those leaders represented interests of the groups that financially contributed to their election campaigns and didn’t want any changes whatsoever (that would reduce their profits). The conflict has always been evident: you can’t improve the healthcare system, for example, if it is based on profit. You can’t have a good education system when teachers are paid less than policemen and higher education is so expensive that it takes decades for the students to pay off their student loans. It goes without saying that human beings were not created to live in fear, trying to make ends meet, in fear of losing a job or a home, or getting sick from unhealthy food…   

Many times the progress has been made as human evolution has never stopped evolving. There are many countries that can boast great achievements in education and high quality of life overall. Their experiences have to be studied and applied everywhere possible, totally or partially. In fact, humanity already has a lot of answers and solutions to eradicating poverty, diseases and other problems as amazing innovations, inventions and discoveries have taken place. New technologies that would make our lives better are ready to be used (if allowed).

It is obvious to me that the only way humanity could take a leap in changing the world to the place where everybody is healthy, prosperous and happy is by enlightenment – by awakening to our true unlimited power that we already have within us, by changing redundant and harmful “programs” that are running our subconscious minds and by deliberate creation of the paradise that we are dreaming about. It is possible! The power of human mind is the strongest asset that humanity has. Let’s use it for the good of all!   

How can we do it? What can we do? How can we re-do so many things that no longer work for us? In a practical way, not only by wishing, dreaming or praying. Resistance to the changes is huge, but the progress and accelerated evolution is even more powerful, unstoppable and unavoidable. They say, “If you can’t beat your enemy, join them”. I would like to translate it in a modern way, suitable for the 21st century, “If you can’t stop the progress, stop resisting it, change, embrace and join it”.

The US Constitution begins with “We the people…..” . Yes, we the people can change the world for the better. Ask the people! I am convinced that almost every human being that lives on our planet has something to say about how to improve or change things for the better – in a small or big way – in their homes, offices, cities, in their back yards or in the international arena, in healthcare or education.  

We invite you to take part in our “Change the World Project”. It is a people’s project. The question for you is, “If you had a power to change the world for the better in a practical way, what would you do?” 

We welcome any positive practical ideas (big or small) that you would like to share with others. This project is not intended to blame or accuse. It is not a wishful thinking/ dreaming forum either. We will record and categorize the ideas presented and when our project grows to a global level, we will present it to the global audience and global leaders one way or another. Let’s change the world for the better together!

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  1. Annette

    Two measures: 1) I would give every child in the world an iPad; 2) Fire/Reduce half of every congress/ parliament in the world to make them more functional, more decisive and focused less on special interests.

  2. Seydou

    I would want consensus, not coalitions. Getting above those things that divide them to a higher understanding of what would be good for the world is ultimately a better world.

  3. Kyunghee

    I would set up first day of every month as the “Appreciation Day”. On that special day I would ask different person to express their appreciation.

  4. Jennifer

    Encourage the use of the most popular text messages, live and in-person:

    How are you?
    I love you.
    thank you

  5. Robert

    I would ask for One Week of Listening. I’d ask that every nation, state, community and individual that is at war with another listen to the other side and identify three areas in which they could find common ground.

  6. Jessica

    I would like to find a better way to match jobs with people who could successfully do them.

  7. Ctibor

    I would invest in educating very young kids with an extra language or two to open their horizons. Having a 3-year old daughter who speaks french, English and Korean, I can see how she can speak with other kids using all three languages.

  8. Penelope

    Make humans speak, read and write the same language.

  9. Claudia

    I think there are grave problems in the world like starvation, Syria, the refugees and the health care system in the USA. But the only one I can think of with a practical step in the right direction is for all democracies to take in more refugees that do not pose a risk to the countries.

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  11. Jurate Bria Gattini
    Jurate Bria Gattini

    Thank you for the comment. It looks like all these ideas could be implemented if we had an effective UN organization – all problems in the world should be worked out together by all countries. However, most of them remain on paper. I do believe that sometimes great leaders could create big changes.

  12. Mohammad Mosaddek Hussain

    If we want to change the world into a peaceful society we have to change the following first logically and priority wise throughout the globe:
    1. To identify the general agenda for every country for ensuring peace in every steps of human lives as per situation
    2. Ensure employment for every citizen as per fitness
    3. Draw a country plan and objectives and inform all citizens to know transparently
    4. Ensure education and training for women, youths, adults and older persons
    5. Ensure technological development, change human mind to cope with the developmental goal of the country
    6. Ensure democracy, administrative, legislative and judicial independence for establishing rule of law
    7. Ensure transparent Government machineries and constructive political party system
    8. Draw Need based economic plan and country policy
    9. Press freedom and stern legal applications
    10. Inspire patriotism and ensure it in text books
    11. Good citizenry education at all levels n institutions
    12. Ensure human freedom and citizen policy

    Besides change in human mindset for ensuring peace in societies is highly necessary for bringing peace and positive change in human societies as a whole.

    Mohammad Mosaddek Hussain

  13. Jurate Bria Gattini
    Jurate Bria Gattini

    The United States has the largest prison population in the world. According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2,220,300 adults were incarcerated in US federal and state prisons, and county jails in 2013 – about 1 in 110 in the U.S. resident population.

    In New York State, for example, an average cost is $60,000 per prison inmate (The NY Times estimate).
    According to a 2014 Human Rights Watch report, “tough-on-crime” laws adopted since the 1980s, have filled U.S. prisons with mostly nonviolent offenders. This policy failed to rehabilitate prisoners and many were worse on release than before incarceration.

  14. Eric

    If a democratic society wants to have less criminals in jail, the government has to make sure that jail is not a comfortable place to be – no privileges, very rare visits from family members, no packages, no TV, no recreation activities.

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