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Dr.Peter Russell, Letting Go of Doing

Letting Go of Doing is not about not doing things. It is about letting go of the doing mode of consciousness – the attitude we bring to our doing. The “doing mode” tells us we have to make a phone call, run an errand, respond to an email, do the laundry, complete the budget, prepare for the meeting. These may well be things that we have to do. But when we are stuck in the “doing mode” our attention is caught in the “having to do them, drive to get them done.

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Dr.Peter Russell, What If There Were No Future?

Imagine the world thirty years from now. Very likely we’ll see quantum computing, nano-tech medicine, 3D-printed organs, artificial intelligence surpassing that of the human brain, possibly fusion power. Advances in molecular biology could be pushing life-expectancy ahead faster than we are aging. Our bodies, senses, and mental functions may be augmented in ways that seem like science fiction today.

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Edwin Harkness Spina, Mysticism, Dogma and Truth

A question I’m often asked is, “Is mysticism a religion?”
Mysticism is a spiritual discipline aiming at direct communion with God or the ultimate truth. It is not a religion and, in fact, all religions have mystics. There are Christian mystics, Jewish mystics (Kabbalists), Islamic mystics (Sufis), Buddhist, and Hindu mystics. Where all the tenets of these religions intersect is where you’ll find the mystics.

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Mac Fulfer, Amazing Face Readings: Is Intelligence something that can be seen on a person’s face?

Is intelligence something that can be seen on a person’s face? If we are talking about predicting a person’s IQ score with a tiny margin of error, then probably not. Researchers claim that there are at least 23 different kinds of intelligence. Since our faces reflect our thoughts and feelings, it is not surprising that we will find quite a few facial clues to help us answer this question.
“A man’s face is his autobiography. A woman’s face is her work of fiction.”– Oscar Wilde

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Peter Shepherd, “Making Things Happen”

With the Manifestation Process, you create the best spiritual, mental and emotional way of being, which will empower you to achieve your desires and attract the resources you need. Follow six steps that could make things seem to “just happen” or fall into our lap.

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Mac Fulfer, Amazing Face Readings: Spotting Deception

There are over fifty different indicators that can signal deception, but a single indicator is not proof of lying. Any gesture can have more than one explanation and must be seen from the overall context. Yet, used correctly, becoming aware of possible deception indicators can open the door to a deeper inquiry.

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