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11/16/20-11/20/2020: Energy Medicine & Healing Summit

New science-based research is now showing that different forms of energy medicine promote healing. During this free online event -The Energy Medicine & Healing Summit, you’ll discover exactly how to take your health into your own hands (literally!) with some of today’s top energy medicine experts, health practitioners, and healers… who will guide you to transform your overall wellbeing from the inside out. 

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11/2020: Cultivate a Sacred Life Rooted in Spiritual Wisdom with Diane Longboat

During this inspiring hour, you’ll:
Discover ways to develop the Good Mind, or spiritual intelligence, to cultivate a life of happiness, honor, respect, love, and peace for yourself and others. Learn how Kanaronkwa Medicine evokes love for Self, your partner, and all of Creation; Discover the Haudenosaunee Worldview as an example of a good life, and the importance of ceremony, story, song, dance, dreams, Giving Thanks and connecting with the land in cultivating such a life

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11/20-12/2020: You Wealth Revolution Season 20 “Global Awakening Project™” ❤ 639 Hz Mp3 – More Abundance and Less Struggle Mp3 Gift (inside)

Join You Wealth Revolution Season 20 “Global Awakening Project™” and receive ❤ 639 Hz Mp3 – More Abundance and Less Struggle Gift. During the online Global Awakening Project™ nearly 1 million people will experience a ‘high vibration’ energy field as 40+ top teachers, healers, and scientists will reveal their #1 quantum energy activations to instantly help you to create QUANTUM MIRACLES and Shifts to rapidly attract the things you truly desire and much more.

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11/2020: Radical Energy Medicine for Your Most Deep-Rooted Blocks to Wellbeing with Cyndi Dale

In Radical Energy Medicine for Your Most Deep-Rooted Blocks to Wellbeing: Clear Stuck Emotions & Dark Energies With Gamma Consciousness & the Power of Your 9th Chakra, you’ll experience the gamma brainwave state and power of your ninth chakra — the most potent means for rapidly clearing every day and longstanding emotional blocks to your wellbeing — to better navigate these challenging times and beyond.

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11/2020: Dream Journey Beyond the Veil with Robert Moss

In Dream Journey Beyond the Veil: Shamanic Dreaming Practices to Connect With Loved Ones & Glimpse Your Future on the Other Side, you’ll discover how to safely connect with those on the Other Side through shamanic dream journeying — and your nighttime dreams — for healing, forgiveness, and mutual support. 

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