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10/19-11/03/2020: Mundane to Magical Online Summit with Louise Matson (Season Four)

Not to be missed Season Four of the Mundane to Magical summit with Louis Mattson begins on Monday 19th October 2020! Powerful and amazing speakers like Jill Purce, Karen Curry Parker, Pam Oslie, Judy Cali, Ana Maria Vasquez, Ellen Watts, Charlotte Banff, Akasha, Elizabeth Wood, Nora WalksInSpirit, Cayelin Castell, Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire, Nicolas David Nygan, Carol Nayach, and Calista are bringing you a SPIRITUAL MASTERCLASS on such topics as: The Importance of Connecting with Nature and Animals; How to Communicate with Animals, the Healing Power of Our Voice and How to heal our Ancestors, Cosmic Ordering and Living & Manifesting within the Quantum Fields

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10/2020: The Dreamwork Summit 2020

During this 4-day free online event, you’ll discover a variety of dreamwork methods that can help you reframe and work through painful experiences, ease stress, and provide new perspectives on your challenges — and even breakthrough lifelong blocks to start living the life your soul intended for you. This event, presented by The Shift Network, will feature more than 20 of today’s leading master dream teachers, psychology professionals, and celebrated authors — including Sandra Ingerman, Robert Moss, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Paul Levy, Dr. Clare Johnson, Adriana Ayales, Sharon Blackie, and Sergio Magaña…

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Planetary Reboot 2020: 34th World Congress of Illumination, a Free Online Event October 17-22

The 34th Annual World Congress on Illumination will be a FREE Online Virtual six-day event from October 17-22, 2020. Every day we will have a two-hour Live Online presentation with guided meditations and activities of Light from the Company of Heaven. The Beings of Light will guide us step by step through the critical facet of the unfolding Divine Plan that will be accomplished that day through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth.

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10/2020: You Wealth Revolution Season 20 “Global Awakening Project™” ❤ 639 Hz Mp3 – More Abundance and Less Struggle Mp3 Gift (inside)

Join You Wealth Revolution Season 20 “Global Awakening Project™” and receive ❤ 639 Hz Mp3 – More Abundance and Less Struggle Gift. During the online Global Awakening Project™ nearly 1 million people will experience a ‘high vibration’ energy field as 40+ top teachers, healers, and scientists will reveal their #1 quantum energy activations to instantly help you to create QUANTUM MIRACLES and Shifts to rapidly attract the things you truly desire and much more.

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