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Beyond Ordinary

Dr. Steve Taylor, Transcending Human Madness

To an impartial observer – say, an alien zoologist from another planet – there must be very compelling evidence that human beings suffer from a serious mental disorder, and are perhaps even insane. The last few thousand years have been an endless catalogue of insane behavior.

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Jafree Ozwald, Surrender to your Divinity

Surrender is one of the most empowering, liberating, spiritually fulfilling experiences life can offer us. It’s much more enlightening than the mind can imagine. So it is going to take tremendous courage, strength, and patience to totally surrender your egoic desires to higher intelligence and guidance.  Yet the good news is that surrender frees you from any suffering you are experiencing… instantly!

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Peter Shepherd, Ascension of the Consciousness of Mankind

Ascension, at this time in human history, means moving from a very material, survival-oriented struggle through life, to a new and expanded consciousness where the world will appear as different as night from day. In fact you could simply describe the process as moving from darkness to light – a New Awareness.

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Dr. Peter Russell, Challenge – Crises as Opportunity

When a seed — or an animal — or a man is ripe, it must mature to its next phase. Or rot. Stewart Edward White.
The various environmental, economic, and social problems confronting us are symptomatic of a deeper underlying crisis — a crisis in our thinking, perception, and values.

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Dr. Steve Taylor, Letting Go: The Power of Detachment

Does happiness come from accumulating things or letting go?
A few years ago, an acquaintance of mine moved to Barcelona to begin a contract job. Within minutes of arriving at the airport, all his luggage was stolen, including his wallet, with his money and the contact details for his job in it.

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