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Beyond Ordinary


Melinda Meszaros and Mahalia Michael, Real Life Underwater Angels

Whales and dolphins fascinate us. They can be playful or majestic, but above all else, they are mysterious. We have a deep connection to them, and they have a unique connection to us. They are self-aware and they might have collective consciousness as well.
They treat us the way they treat each other, with love and care – just think about the many stories of dolphins protecting people from shark attacks or saving them from drowning.

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Peter Shepherd, Ascension of the Consciousness of Mankind

Ascension, at this time in human history, means moving from a very material, survival-oriented struggle through life, to a new and expanded consciousness where the world will appear as different as night from day. In fact you could simply describe the process as moving from darkness to light – a New Awareness.

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Vision of God

Dr. Peter Russell, Enlightenment – A New Way of Seeing

Being able to experience reality as it is, undistorted by our hopes and fears, is often referred to as “enlightenment.” The reference “light” in this word is usually thought of in the sense of illumination. A mind that is enlightened is said to be an “illumined” mind. It is a mind that has “seen the light,” or sees things in a new light.

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Wallace Huey, What is a Creative Genius?

There is a type of thinking, well known to the most creative minds, where the thinker becomes an observer of their mind at work. However, for nearly everyone who enters this state of mindfulness at times the thinker descends in consciousness and becomes identified with negative or limiting thought processes – I’m not good enough, I can never do this, this is too difficult.

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Paul Levy, The Sacred Art of Alchemy

The alchemists, over the course of centuries, had generated a wide range of symbolic images which directly corresponded to the anatomy of the unconscious which Jung had been mapping through his painstaking work with thousands of patients. Jung, in illuminating the psychology of the unconscious, can himself be considered a modern-day alchemist. Jung continues that “the entire alchemical procedure….could just as well represent the individuation process of a single individual.”

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Jolanta Talaikiene, Parallels

Gloria Excelsias, The Power of New Beginnings

Life is a succession of beginnings. Every day, every hour, every moment in life, every one of us is confronted with new beginnings. Most beginnings appear small and insignificant, but if we think about it, nothing could be further from the truth, because everything that is starts with a beginning. The oak tree begins as an acorn, the flooding begins with a few drops of rain, the life-changing invention begins with an idea, the body begins as a cell, mastership begins with the decision to grow into a master, a book begins with a first sentence, the words „I have a dream …“

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Dr. Peter Russell, The Exponential Explosion

The future is coming faster and faster. This speeding up is the consequence of innovation breeding innovation, leading to exponential rates of development. As well as the many scientific and technological advances this will bring, it also places stress on the underlying systems – personal, social, planetary – accompanied by growing crises. Now more than ever we need our spiritual practice, to stay cool, calm, and collected in the coming storm of change.

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Jafree Ozwald, Surrender to your Divinity

Surrender is one of the most empowering, liberating, spiritually fulfilling experiences life can offer us. It’s much more enlightening than the mind can imagine. So it is going to take tremendous courage, strength, and patience to totally surrender your egoic desires to higher intelligence and guidance.  Yet the good news is that surrender frees you from any suffering you are experiencing… instantly!

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Dr. Peter Russell, Challenge – Crises as Opportunity

When a seed — or an animal — or a man is ripe, it must mature to its next phase. Or rot. Stewart Edward White.
The various environmental, economic, and social problems confronting us are symptomatic of a deeper underlying crisis — a crisis in our thinking, perception, and values.

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Enoch Tan, Free your Conscious Mind for Subconscious to Work

Your subconscious mind works best when your conscious mind is asleep or pleasantly occupied. In between intending and manifesting must be a temporary period of forgetting. If you want a good parking spot, give yourself enough time to forget about your intent before you get there. The sooner you think about something else the sooner reality can get to work. There is no easier way to take your conscious mind off something than by keeping yourself busy with something else.

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Enoch Tan, Convince Conscious Mind for Subconscious to Work

Your conscious mind is the part of your mind that deals with reason and logic. It is the director of your subconscious mind, which is the part of your mind that deals with energy and creation. Your conscious mind is the logical mind that functions with logic. You think with the conscious mind and it is the programmer of the subconscious mind, which is the creative mind that carries out the program. Convince your logical mind so that it will send the right instructions to your creative mind.

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Osho on Women

“If all over the world the woman is allowed the freedom to grow to her potential, there will be many, many women enlightened; many, many women mystics, poets, painters. And will enhance not only the woman’s part of the world – because the world is one – they will enhance the whole world”. Osho.

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Dr. Steve Taylor, Have You Ever Had an Awakening Experience?

“Awakening Experiences” are normal and natural. One evening last summer, when I was on holiday with my family in Wales, I decided to explore the farmland around our rented bungalow. I climbed over a gate I hadn’t noticed before because it was hidden by long grass, and found myself looking down at a valley,

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Sofia Balas, Soulmates

Dr. Peter Russell, All You Need is Love

Fifty years ago, as our culture began a collective journey of conscious awakening, the Beatles recorded their anthem, “All You Need is Love.” Since then, we’ve been distilling the wisdom of the world’s spiritual traditions, stripping away the trappings of time and misunderstanding, to reveal their common truths.

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Dr. Peter Russell, Alice in Quantum Land

A Quantum’s Eye View. “Good morning, Alice,” a voice said. Or at least it seemed like a voice. Alice rubbed her eyes. She’d fallen asleep in the orchard and had been dreaming of tea parties with singing cakes and dancing oysters. She rubbed her eyes and looked around, but there was no one in sight. Had the voice been in the dream, she wondered?

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