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Jafree Ozwald, Surrender to your Divinity

After boarding a bus or train, you won’t carry the luggage, will you? You will put it down. Likewise, surrender everything to God. She will protect you.” ~Ammachi
The word surrender is often greatly misunderstood. It’s not about being weak, failing at life, resigning from the world or losing your power. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. Surrender is one of the most empowering, liberating, spiritually fulfilling experiences life can offer us. It’s much more enlightening than the mind can imagine. So it is going to take tremendous courage, strength, and patience to totally surrender your egoic desires to higher intelligence and guidance.  Yet the good news is that surrender frees you from any suffering you are experiencing… instantly!

Surrender is the gentle release of your ego’s constant effort to get somewhere “better” than what is here and now. Surrender is bowing down to the Divine essence with yourself which is only found in this now moment. It is what liberates you from your ego and allows you to instantly manifest the radical joy, freedom, and abundance in life that you deserve to experience. The person who can fully surrender to this moment creates such a profound clarity inside that they know without a doubt they are in paradise on Earth.

When you consciously surrender to the Divine within you, you are in essence allowing the Universe to guide you and support every decision you make. If you persist in thinking that you are alone and must strive harder to manifest what you want, you are fighting the Universe and swimming upstream. To consciously co-create your reality you must first surrender to it. Through surrender, you will release all energetic ego roadblocks which were hindering your manifesting abilities. If you cannot surrender it is because the ego is afraid to evolve.

Deep down you are a spiritual warrior, yet your ego is still running the show. The ego covers you in emotional armor just in case you might get attacked or run into trouble. If you remain covered in armor you block the Divinity that is trying to envelop your body and mind.  With your guards up, you remain stuck, unable to spiritually grow because you are so attached to your ego’s survival strategy. When you surrender to the Universe you consciously take off your armor and drop your shields of defense, giving yourself full permission to be vulnerable and FEEL everything that arises inside you.

This perpetual opening to ‘feeling what is’ is what creates unbelievable trust and connection with the Universe. Only in this space are you able to experience the profound frequency of Divinity. A deep inner peace with your entire past and every probable future, that brings forth enlightenment. You will find that through relinquishing any controlling energy, protectiveness or defensiveness, the Universe will take your hand and guide you effortlessly towards the spiritually liberating life your soul has come to earth to experience.

Surrendering to the Divine Being you truly mean that you are letting go of any need to dominate, control or manipulate this Universe. How can we possibly believe that we can control something as large, intelligent and massively complex as this multi-dimensional Universe?  Why would anyone want that much responsibility?  We are yet a single wave in this magnificent ocean of conscious intelligent energy and its not in our power to be in control of such a great thing. It’s much easier and more FUN to be free! To find unconditional love, unending bliss, and real abundance through surrendering to it instead of dominating it.

It is impossible to control anybody in this world (let alone your own mind) so the most enlightened thing to do is hold sacred the intention to surrender completely to that Divine Essence which is always at the core of who you are.  There’s no need to remain in illusionary control over everything when you can truly manifest more abundance and bliss by surrendering to the infinite ocean within. Make the commitment today to stop thinking that you have to be in control of anything, and consciously step back, relax and allow the Universe to provide you with whatever you want on a silver platter.

“The greatness of a man’s power is the measure of his surrender.” ~ William Booth

The best news of all is that practicing surrender is the most enjoyable experience we can do! The magic happens the very instant you tell yourself that it is safe to let go of everything. This taste of instant freedom may feel a bit scary at first but ohh soooo good later on! The pure joy of letting go of needing to be right, being in control, being happy, successful, having the perfect relationship, or the power to manifest whatever you want in your life is a huge relief. It feels like submerging your feet in a hot bubble bath after a long hard day out in the city.  Surrender is the cure for anxiety, depression and many illnesses that we think are “incurable”. An enormous release of tension occurs the instant you stop pretending to be the general manager of the Universe, and this opens your mind to see and feel the bigger manifestation plan which you previously could not see.

It’s so healing to realize that you don’t have to do anything to surrender.  It’s a natural experience that takes over you when you truly stop trying and just let go.  There is such a sweet calming feeling that instantly enters you when the Universe starts to fill you up with whatever ‘missing feeling’ that you were seeking. Those feelings of emptiness caused by the constant striving, pushing and efforting to attain Xyz suddenly become forgotten and filled with a peaceful good vibe.

The deeper the letting go, the more abundance, inner peace, and natural joy will come rushing in.  It’s a matter of how much do you trust in yourself and your connection with this all-intelligent divine Universe.  Once you trust it 100% you understand that it knows how to meet your needs and manifest your desires faster, easier and more enjoyably than you ever could imagine.

“The creative process is a process of surrender, not control.” ~Julia Cameron

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