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Global Events

06/20-07/2020: Energy Medicine Yoga To Move Into Joy with Lauren Walker

In Energy Medicine Yoga To Move Into Joy: Exercises to Clear Difficult Emotions, Tap Into Your Inner Radiance & Cultivate Happiness, you’ll experience an Energy Medicine Yoga sacred practice to activate your body’s Radiant Circuits — the most powerful energy system for repatterning your life.

06/20-07/2020: Mind Medicine to Transform Toxic Emotions & Deepen Your Heart Connection with Dr. Darren Weissman

In Mind Medicine to Transform Toxic Emotions & Deepen Your Heart Connection: Reprogram Your Response to Life’s Stressors & Ignite Your Highest Potential, you’ll discover how to create your own mind medicine to heal the harmful effects of stress, degeneration of the body, and toxic relationship dynamics — using a breakthrough process based on the epigenetics work of Bruce Lipton.

06/20-07/2020: Dr. Judith Orloff’s Keys to Being a Healthy Empath

In Dr. Judith Orloff’s Keys to Being a Healthy Empath: Practices for Protection, Surrender & Listening to Your Intuition During Stressful Times, you’ll experience a shielding practice to protect yourself from negative, stressful, toxic, or intrusive energies — and feel more centered, happy, and energized.

06/21/2020: Soltice-Solar Eclipse-New Moon Event With Kenji Kumara

Join Kenji Kumara for SOLSTICE-SOLAR ECLIPSE-NEW MOON EVENT on Sunday, June 21st 10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern. This is an important pivotal Solstice-New Moon-Eclipse event that will carry us through to the rest of the year. This is an auspicious portal opening that will be magnified by the changing of the seasons, a new moon of opportunities, and the solar eclipse of expanded consciousness.

Sunday, July 5th: Freedom Day Celebration with Kenji Kumara

Join Kenji Kumara for a Freedom Day Celebration on Sunday, July 5th, 10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern USA. 
On this special Freedom Day event celebrating the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, let us together create the first day of your Free Life in the midst of chaos, confusion, turmoil and conflict. Together, we can create your personal New Earth Reality no matter what is happening within the old matrix of limitations.

06/14/2020: Planetary Light Meditation VI with Kenji Kumara

Join Kenji Kumara on Sunday, June 14 , at 11am PT / 2pm ET  for Planetary Light Meditation VI.  With the energies on the planet continuing to rise towards a global awakening, Kenji has decided to continue the planetary meditation series with this special event. This is an inter-dimensional planetary meditation for harmony, truth and peace.

05/31/2020: Planetary Light Meditation V with Kenji Kumara

Join Kenji Kumara on Sunday, May 31, at 11am PT / 2pm ET (90 mins) for Planetary Light Meditation V. This is a followup call to the previous Planetary Light Meditations as we build the cumulative effects and benefits from the previous presentations. This call will focus on the possible Post Shift reactions that are coming up for review.

05/19/20-05/22/20: Mindfulness & Meditation Summit

The Shift Network presents Mindfulness & Meditation Summit. During this timely Mindfulness & Meditation Summit, you’ll receive teachings from a diverse assembly of speakers representing the numerous paths and traditions under the large umbrella of mindfulness and meditation.

05/17/2020: Planetary Light Meditation IV with Kenji Kumara

Join Kenji Kumara on Sunday, May 17, at 11am PT / 2pm ET (90 mins) for Planetary Light Meditation IV.

It is a time to go within and to strengthen our connection with our Soul and Light Bodies, continue to build our spiritual strength, release our attachments to the many perspectives about what this change is about so we can remain clear and focused on our Soul’s Intentions for our new life, and focus on what we want to create in the New Earth.