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Guerrilla Reporting

J.B. Gattini, Survival Manual for Diplomats Appointed to Work in Russia

Every day we hear a lot about Russia, about Russian spies, Russia’s interference in the US presidential election, Russian politics in Syria, and the Russian propaganda machine on Facebook…. The US and the EU expelled hundreds of  Russian diplomats in recent years.  In return, Russia ordered the US Embassy staff in Moscow to reduce by 755 people and hundreds of diplomats serving in Russia are being sent home every day and …… nobody really cares about them. The situation is out of control… We are running out of diplomats, aren’t we?  I am sure that the Russians have the same problem…
Here I decided to help the way I can. As a former diplomat in Russia, I decided to write a Survival manual for diplomats appointed to work in Russia.

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How Enlightened are you?

If you can live without caffeine,

If you can be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains,
If you can resist complaining,
If you can understand when your loved ones are too busy to give you any time,

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J.B. Gattini, Healthcare in America should be Universal like in the rest of the World. Period.

This article was born on the streets of New York City. It was published under the category “Guerrilla Reporting” as it represents the thoughts, ideas, and suggestions of regular people who sometimes know what’s best!  Let me start with a simple question: What is the most important thing in life that you must have before anything else?
Let me answer this question for you – GOOD HEALTH.
Having a lot of money, love, career, house, or a car would be irrelevant without it.

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New Yorkers Speak Out On the Presidential Election in the US. Can you Relate?

Randomly selected New Yorkers comment on the US Presidential candidates: D.M (Independent): ” Donald Trump is entertaining. I think he is bright. Certain racial things that he said were bad…., however, certain things sometimes have to be said.
V. (Democrat): “I would not vote. I live in a Democratic state …. my vote wouldn’t matter. A Democratic candidate will win in the New York state no matter what…. I am a Democrat, and I will always support the Democratic party. Republic Party is broken right now… My views are mostly liberal. I am for Hillary. I think she has a good chance to win. I like her. She supports the middle class…. of course, she supports corporations …. they all do……. but she is a woman. She has the heart of a mother”.

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New Subway Trains in NYC

Look at the new trains in the NYC subway – really comfortable, roomy and merry! Still overcrowded, however. That is the next project for MTA.…

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