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New Yorkers Speak Out On the Presidential Election in the US. Can you Relate?

Randomly selected New Yorkers comment on the US Presidential candidates: D.M (Independent): ” Donald Trump is entertaining. I think he is bright. Certain racial things that he said were bad…., however, certain things sometimes have to be said.

Photo by flicr.com/ Steve Jurvetson, 03/23/2016

Photo by By Voice of America – http://www.voanews.com/a/3430100.html, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=50646063

G.P. (Republican Latino voter): ” I am for Donald Trump. He says like it is. His remarks about immigrants don’t bother me. As a billionaire, he could not make a big difference in my life, but hopefully, he will get rid of Obamacare – I don’t want to pay monthly dues when I am not sick. I want healthcare as it was before – you pay out of your pocket.
You can’t always tiptoe around issues… and he doesn’t. He comes across as a blunt force, but I think he makes people think.
I think Trump is honest, but his ego supersedes everything else – that is what I don’t like about him. His ego and arrogance scare me. Would I vote for him? I think he is the only person that could impact the economy in a certain way because anyone else doesn’t have the balls. I think he could positively impact the economy if he wants to. I am not sure if he wants to. He says he does… I think he is building the Trump dynasty to run the country forever or even the world… Nobody said that but all the family around him – very bright people – all of them… Republicans are hesitant about supporting him because Trump cannot be controlled. They can’t work with someone they can’t control. He probably would negotiate and bend if needed, according to his goals, whatever they are. Who knows what is in the heart of anybody… He could probably do a lot of good for America because this country became a disaster. But who knows… Many things he says are true and resonate, especially with white people.”

I don’t think that he will bring the jobs from overseas either because it is not easy – cheaper labor. But what he might do for America is to stop immigration of extremists from the Middle East and hopefully he will stop supporting Israel, although I doubt that.

Hillary Clinton is not right for the country. She is incompetent; she reads from the script every time she talks to the press. She can’t make any changes in America.”

 P.G. (Conservative Republican): “Hillary didn’t even have to show up – she was declared a winner before she started her campaign for the primaries  … people’s votes don’t mean anything, because the way the system is set up, she was declared a winner by the party.

In Trump’s situation, the Republican Party could not justify not giving him a nomination. He spoke the language that people understood, and people were afraid to express themselves… People are so scared of opening their mouths, not to be accused of something, for example, racism. Have you ever seen an article in the news that said that a black person is racist? Only white people supposed to be racist… Look at the black person in Dallas who was shooting at white people. America is finished. It is not the country that everyone thought it would be. I think Trump should win… In the meantime, they don’t press charges against Hillary even though she lied to the Congress and FBI acknowledged that under oath. Democrats don’t care… If it were a Republican, he/she would have been in jail. If the people voted using their brain instead of being a sheep, they would vote for Trump. Trump said that he doesn’t want people to come to the country illegally. What’s wrong with that?”

D.B. (Democrat): “I don’t like either presidential candidate. Hillary has a lot of “baggage”… and I still remember how she handled her husband’s infidelity…. it wasn’t done with dignity… If she said that she was hurt by what happened (between Bill Clinton and Monica), but decided to stay married as partners that shared many common goals, helping each other (or something similar), I would have understood. But she didn’t… The US President cannot be a woman that could “swallow anything,” especially, her self-respect.

Donald Trump is rude… As a teacher, however, I cannot help noticing the behavior of his kids – they are great! They are respectful, disciplined, never heard anything wrong about them… They stand by their father…. and Donald Trump is an “apple tree” for those kids…”

E. (Uber driver that plays Vivaldi and Mozart music in his car): “I will vote for Donald Trump. He makes me laugh… Hillary doesn’t. I am too busy to care about politics; I have to support my family”.

V. (Democrat): “I would not vote. I live in a Democratic state …. my vote wouldn’t matter. A Democratic candidate will win in the New York state no matter what…. I am a Democrat, and I will always support the Democratic party. Republic Party is broken right now… My views are mostly liberal. I am for Hillary. I think she has a good chance to win. I like her. She supports the middle class…. of course, she supports corporations …. they all do……. but she is a woman. She has the heart of a mother”.

B. (Independent): ” I don’t like either candidate like everybody else. However, I believe that sometimes a brutal force is needed to shake the status quo (or even dismantle/destroy things that are no longer working but keep us stuck for years). It is important to start bringing back common sense to the United States. That could be the first step. Hillary Clinton cannot be that brutal force. It is unscrupulous Donald Trump who is capable to shake things up and open the path to something new for the future (and hopefully, for the true leader to appear) – in other words, by being obnoxious, insulting and arrogant, by personally attacking all his opponents and critics (by knocking them down with personal insults), he is that brutal force that could do some good for the country. …

But there are no guarantees for that either.  The US has been on the wrong path for decades and any change is almost impossible. Pres. Obama tried, and he failed.”

M.J. “I take politics like a change of fashion or the weather. Mrs. Clinton has made me cry at times. Scared me on other occasions, Bored me some times. Trump has made me think, laugh, cry. Both like an amusing off-Broadway show for the media”.

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