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Jafree Ozwald and Margot Zaher, 10 Universal Relationship Truths

The following information will assist you in creating a heart-opening soul-based relationship in your life. By applying these Universal truths every day you’ll empower yourself to manifest a relationship that works for you, not against you.

Picture  from EMN Online Museum of Art by Gio Kadagishvili “Lovers” (above)

 When you are connecting with another from this soul-based perspective, everything changes.  Your most expansive loving energy hidden inside you shines brighter, which naturally makes you a guiding light helping all beings find their way home.  The secret is knowing that every relationship doesn’t actually exist on the “outside”, yet is always being projected from within.  At your very core, you always have a connection with the divine, and this is found through those beings in the world with whom you are placed in your path and are here relating to.

NOTE:  When you read each message, read it slowly so it sinks deeply into your body.  Take your time to digest each message before moving onto the next one.  You’ll know when the message is consumed inside when there is a feeling of peace each time that you read through it.  Enjoy!

1. The greatest love of your life is within you.  Dwell on the idea of infinite love is within you now. Rest in the feeling that arises from meditating on this idea. Relax into this feeling so deeply that it permeates your innermost being. This way you have found your Source of love and are free from relying on your partner for feelings of love and validation.

2. You have the unlimited power to manifest your ideal relationship at any time. Since you can shift your vibrational frequency at any moment, you can manifest anyone anytime you wish!   By transforming the way you are relating and connecting to others, you create a vibrational field around you which allows you to be more intimate with yourself and your partner.

3. Your partner can never fully “complete” you because you are already whole. The longing for completion comes from the illusion that you are missing something. This lacking feeling is simply an effect from being out of touch with your Divine Infinite Nature.

4. You are not responsible for how anyone feels.  You can never make anybody feel angry, sad, hopeless, defensive, or any other emotion known to mankind. You are responsible solely for your own emotional state that is arising for you now.

5. Your true Divine essence is love, and you are connected to this energy no matter what you think, say or do. Your very essence has such a powerful love that it can transform anything in your world.  Your core essence always holds the vibration of love at all times.

6. Ego by definition is always focusing on what it wants. If your partner rarely satisfies your ego’s desires, its because both of your egos are busy trying to run their own show. To satisfy your ego and your partner’s ego completely eternally, return to focusing on connecting with your own soul and feeling that you are The Source of unlimited love.

7. Gratitude for the other is always there and grows more when you express it.  It is like the smoldering warm embers of an old fire that are buried at the core of your heart. All it takes is for you to use your lungs and blow them out to consciously re-ignite the spark!  When the words you choose to speak are constantly with the energy of gratitude, you’ll find your vibration always expands and multiplies with each new day.

8. Behind every “undesired” behavior you see in your partner is your misperception of the Divine. At the core of everyone is the most beautiful divine essence that is perfect, peaceful, eternal and loving in all ways.  Stop looking at the surface and judging what you see and start honoring the love that you feel is underneath it all, hiding at the core.

9. The act of not letting yourself love someone or be fully loved is the cause of suffering and emotional pain in all relationships. Pain is never caused by you loving your partner to the fullest. Pain is caused by withholding love.  Commit yourself to loving fully and you’ll only manifest amazing relationships for the rest of your life!

10. Your soul is all-knowing, loving, and eternally free.  It knows that each experience you have is deeply enriching in and of itself. When you’re aligned with your soul, it naturally accepts whatever occurs in a relationship.  When you can step back, stop the mind chatter you’ll get this soul-based perspective.  In a moment, you will stop being stuck in the narrow perspective of the ego.  It is not attached to only having good experiences and avoiding the bad ones.  It knows life is divine perfection which the mind is blind to seeing.

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