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Gloria Excelsias, The Power of New Beginnings

Life is a succession of beginnings. Every day, every hour, every moment in life, every one of us is confronted with new beginnings. Most beginnings appear small and insignificant, but if we think about it, nothing could be further from the truth, because everything that is starts with a beginning. The oak tree begins as an acorn, the flooding begins with a few drops of rain, the life-changing invention begins with an idea, the body begins as a cell, mastership begins with the decision to grow into a master, a book begins with a first sentence, the words „I have a dream …“ inspire the beginning of a new phase in history, and a new, better, happier, more fulfilling life begins with an appreciation for the power of new beginnings.

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Beginnings may appear small and insignificant, but in reality, beginnings are the most significant things in a man‘s life. Why? Because a beginning, by definition, is a cause. To begin something is to cause the movement of energy. As energy begins to move, our life begins to move. This is why every cause has an effect, and this is why every beginning leads to an end, to a result.

The nature of the cause determines the nature of the result. As such, beginnings can be constructive or destructive, for that matter. Beginnings can serve evolution or involution, they can lead to sublimation or to densification.

Now, if we want evolution (=sublimation) to be our result – if we don‘t just want to sleep through life but actually awaken through life – we have to make the sort of beginnings that lead to evolution and awakening. Enlightenment won‘t just be bestowed upon us; we ourselves have to initiate our own evolution and enlightenment. And we initiate it by making right beginnings (=leading to evolution) and avoiding wrong beginnings (=leading to involution).

Now, what kind of beginnings can we initiate? Where shall we start?

Probably the easiest way to get started is with the beginning of each new day. How do you begin each new day? At what time do you get up? How do you get up? Do you rise early, swiftly, and energetically or do you spend an hour each morning fighting the battle of the bed before you get up? The way we start the day determines the course of the day. When we start the day joyfully jumping out of bed, fully determined to meet each challenge with enthusiasm, and to look at each difficulty as a grateful opportunity to grow and evolve, we will have a fantastic day! However, when we start the day fighting the battle of the bed, the rest of the day will be a battle as well.

Make it a habit to rise early and swiftly, and you will celebrate your first victory before you even start your day 🙂 How are we supposed to develop willpower and mindpower if we begin the day by giving our power away? The fastest way to develop willpower is to start each day with enforcing our will over our body. If you start your day using your will power to rise early and take a cold shower, chances are you will continue to use it for the rest of your day. Why? The secret lies in the law of attraction. One thing leads to another, one thought leads to another, one temptation leads to another, one action leads to another, etc. because all of life is governed by the law of magnetic attraction. This is why when we give in to temptation once, chances are we will give into it a second and a third time as well. In the same way, when we start the day claiming our power, chances are we will stay in our power for the rest of the day. Each time we own our power, we accumulate the force of power in our aura and thus grow stronger.  Each time we give our power away, we deplete our forces and weaken ourselves.

better life begins with a better beginning. It is better to begin the day with a victory than with defeat. When we lose the battle of the bed, we are defeated. This is not an ideal way to start the day 🙂. Therefore, join the famous 5-o‘clock club (=club of successful people who rise at 5 am).

Now, new beginnings do not just apply to our mornings, they also apply to any new undertaking we may begin. When you build a new house, what do you do? Before you get started, you create an architectural plan, and then you proceed to build the house according to the plan. When you start a business, what do you do? You create a business plan. How does Nature work? The plan is contained in the seed. How is our physical body built? Based on a blueprint, called the etheric body. When we have a plan, we can be coherent in our endeavor. With a plan in place, we can focus and concentrate all of our energies on a goal, however, without a plan, we just end up piddling away our energies all over the place and we end up going nowhere in life.

Before you start any (!) endeavor, make a plan. The plan is your beginning.

To understand the power of beginnings, learn to appreciate the value of beginnings. Again, to begin something is to cause the movement of energy. As energy begins to move, our life begins to move. No beginning, no movement.

Look at every endeavor, regard every morning and every day as the beginning of a new life in which you have the opportunity to think newly, feel newly, act newly, speak newly and live newly. And make this decision to renew yourself each morning as you start your day.

If you are ready for new powerful beginnings to advance on the ladder of evolution, please check out my coaching service called 12 Daily Initiatives of the Aspiring Yogi.

About the author: Gloria Excelsias is the President of the I AM University, an educational platform with a focus on Spiritual and psychological development, that was established by the late Dr. Joshua David Stone and handed over to her care in 2005, at Dr. Stone’s passing.

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