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Meditation to Deactivate and Heal CoronaVirus from Mashhur Anam - Life Harmonized on Vimeo.
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Mashhur Anam, Healing Energy Transmission for the People and the Planet

I am sure you have noticed a rising global fear about the coronavirus that began spreading in the last couple of months.

Just like the fires in Australia or the drought in California, the global focus around the virus is also on the issue NOT the solutions.  How fast is the virus spreading?  How many people are infected?  How many deaths occurred?  Who is to blame?  Who will profit from it?  How does it impact the global economy?  ….And many more questions.

Very few people on the planet are focusing on tuning into the energies to heal the virus and the people.

The Need to Change Our Collective Focus:
When our collective focus is directed towards a challenge and issues around the challenge, we energize and amplify it.  For this reason, it takes us longer to break through and find solutions.

Instead, let’s focus on rising above global fear and chaos and tune into the cosmic healing energies, the healing energies of nature, and the healing energies of the star Maia.

You can help the collective consciousness by watching the video and then continue to send love and healing energies to deactivate the coronavirus.

The journey includes a Holographic Tool to send healing frequencies worldwide.

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