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” Diamond Christ Courage” Activation with Jacqueline Joy

"Your "YES" is the only thing necessary to receive high-frequency Diamond Christ Energy Transmissions that deliver Divine Help to build the New World. As each of us Receives the Divine Intervention of Jesus individually through the Diamond Technology ... we anchor this Intervention in our bodies/our minds, our community and our world!!!"- Jacqueline Joy, Founder
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Mashhur Anam, Healing Energy Transmission for the People and the Planet

The Need to Change Our Collective Focus: When our collective focus is directed towards a challenge and issues around the challenge, we energize and amplify it.  For this reason, it takes us longer to break through and find solutions. Instead, let's focus on rising above global fear and chaos and tune into the cosmic healing energies, the healing energies of nature and the healing energies of the star Maia.
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Jafree Ozwald, How to Experience Spiritual Enlightenment

Spiritual enlightenment happens when you are in a state of no-mind, where the mind is so calm and at ease that it seems to disappear… and only the witness remains. When your mind has completely let go of this world and is completely non-attached to everything in it from a place of love, peace, and compassion, then and only then are you truly free.
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Gio Kadagishvili, Six Sense

Edwin Harkness Spina, Mysticism, Dogma and Truth

A question I’m often asked is, “Is mysticism a religion?” Mysticism is a spiritual discipline aiming at direct communion with God or the ultimate truth. It is not a religion and, in fact, all religions have mystics. There are Christian mystics, Jewish mystics (Kabbalists), Islamic mystics (Sufis), Buddhist, and Hindu mystics. Where all the tenets of these religions intersect is where you’ll find the mystics.
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Tara Springett, What is Kundalini – and Why Can it be so Painful?

The word ‘kundalini’ comes from the Hindu tradition and is used to describe a form of mysterious energy that lies dormant in all of us at the foot of our spine. When awakened this energy rises up the spine, purifies all chakras along the way until it reaches the head where it unites with its ‘ divine spouse’ and the person reaches enlightenment.
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Mac Fulfer, Amazing Face Readings: Is Intelligence something that can be seen on a person’s face?

Is intelligence something that can be seen on a person's face? If we are talking about predicting a person's IQ score with a tiny margin of error, then probably not. Researchers claim that there are at least 23 different kinds of intelligence. Since our faces reflect our thoughts and feelings, it is not surprising that we will find quite a few facial clues to help us answer this question. “A man’s face is his autobiography. A woman’s face is her work of fiction.”– Oscar Wilde
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Peter Shepherd, “Making Things Happen”

With the Manifestation Process, you create the best spiritual, mental and emotional way of being, which will empower you to achieve your desires and attract the resources you need. Follow six steps that could make things seem to "just happen" or fall into our lap.
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J.B. Gattini, Healthcare in America should be Universal like in the rest of the World. Period.

This article was born on the streets of New York City. It was published under the category "Guerrilla Reporting" as it represents the thoughts, ideas, and suggestions of regular people who sometimes know what’s best!  Let me start with a simple question: What is the most important thing in life that you must have before anything else? Let me answer this question for you – GOOD HEALTH. Having a lot of money, love, career, house, or a car would be irrelevant without it.
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