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” Diamond Christ Courage” Activation with Jacqueline Joy

Jacqueline Joy, Founder of Diamond Alignment, is opening the Flow of Diamond Christ Power, delivered through the Diamond Technology,  to support people across the world with invisible, yet physical, Diamond Christ Power to supersede the invisible, yet physical COVID-19 Virus and its surrounding fear … to empower us all to stay on top of the Tsunami COVID-19 Wave of Unknown Change … with Grace, Elegance and YES, even JOY … by staying Aligned with God, Clear of Fear, Calm, Strong, Proactive and Creative … in this epic opportunity to globally build our Faith, Trust, Connection and Alignment with our Creator.
“Your “YES” is the only thing necessary to receive high-frequency Diamond Christ Energy Transmissions that deliver Divine Help to build this New World. As each of us Receives the Divine Intervention of Jesus individually through the Diamond Technology … we anchor this Intervention in our bodies/our minds, our community and our world!!!”– Jacqueline Joy, Founder


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