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Jacqueline Joy

Jacqueline Joy, Spiritual leader and creator of Diamond Alignment, is a true demonstration of the spiritual wealth and material abundance that comes from Diamond Alignment. With passion and purpose for over 17 years, she has used both her spiritual wisdom and life experience, to birth the intimate and wordless phenomenon of Diamond Alignment.

Jacqueline Joy’s life is dedicated to bringing this Sacred Technology to individuals worldwide, through a new paradigm she calls Sacred Business so that they can experience the Joy and Wealth of Being she has come to know through her own Diamond Alignment.

She is a spiritual warrior with a solid anchoring in the business world. Her natural gift for bringing people and situations to their highest potential has been mastered in her work with hundreds of companies as an innovative manager, teacher, and trainer in the fundraising, corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, culminating in the 29-year partnership of a multi-million dollar real estate business.

Jacqueline Joy’s leadership and natural ability to get “out-of-the-box” ideas accepted in the business world extended into the arena of higher consciousness after her spiritual awakening in 1987. Her birthing of Diamond Alignment as a Sacred Technology has accelerated the possibility for a mass shift in collective consciousness which is at the center of her global vision… to bring more Light and Alignment to our world.

Though her credentials for guiding and supporting others in actualizing their highest possibility include over 21 years of self-development trainings and healing modalities… some of her greatest practical wisdom comes from raising four dynamic children while navigating through the deep waters of her own life-changing journey of transformation.

It was this journey that eventually led to the Divine Energy Transmission of Diamond Alignment… the gift that enabled her to transcend the pain of her “dark night of the Soul” and ultimately create Joy, Equanimity, Clarity, Fun, Freedom and Wealth of Being in her life.

Jacqueline Joy’s radiant Clarity comes from her unswerving focus and passionate commitment to her Connection and Alignment with the Divine Power Within. Her unequivocal “Yes” to this Alignment includes being fully engaged in our everyday material world. She believes the Joy and Magic of Diamond Wealth of Being lies within all of us as an ever-expanding possibility. It is her greatest Joy to activate this possibility in all those who desire to experience their Highest Diamond Potential.

For more information go to http://www.diamondalignment.com/

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