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A Vision for the Media – Aligned with the Highest Good for All Concerned

The media plays such an important part in our lives. It is the funnel through which we receive our information about what’s going on in our world. Therefore, in an effort to help the media become “all that they can be,” we take a moment to envision a new media, a media in which those who bring us our news – from the reporter, to the anchorperson, to the head of the network – are responsible to the needs of the people; are credible and trustworthy in every way; and are unequivocally aligned with the Highest Good for all concerned.

We see a world where acting on behalf of personal interests, corporate profits, or hidden agendas has gone by the wayside in favor of acting on behalf of raising the collective consciousness to its highest potential; where everyone who works with the dissemination of information knows, beyond all doubt whatsoever, that what they are reporting has a direct effect on the lives of everyone they touch; that they effect the future of our world by what they say and do; and that they can have a true positive influence on this world by developing their conscience.

Indeed, we see a media where every person, from the top to the bottom, has a strong, evolved conscience and acts in accordance with the Highest Good.

EMN (Enlightenment Media News) lines up with this vision, and it has become our vision too!

 (from the Vision Alignment Project) – visionalignmentproject


 Image credit – shutterstock.com

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