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Abstract Art of Giedra Purlyte

Giedra Purlyte is a talented Lithuanian abstract artist. Each of her paintings is a symphony of soft yet bold colors, complex, yet simple shapes that play harmoniously together. Her works of art evoke a sense of excitement of uncertainty and discovery and create a space of unique interpretation for the viewer. 
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Sofia Balas, Where Dreams Come True

Dimensional Art of Sofia Balas

Sofia Balas is a talented American artist from Cripple Creek, Colorado. Her extraordinary work is inspired "by the concepts of dimensional perception and an evolving spiritual/esoteric motif." "I use my paintings to show facets of love and to incorporate themes of nature into a 'surreal' setting", says Sofia. "My images are meant to challenge viewers into questioning their awareness and inviting reflection. Through art, going beyond the surface to find a deeper meaning, another dimension, another reality…"
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Spirit Fire Art of Stacey Littledeer

Stacey Littledeer is a Native American Artist, a member of the Southeastern Cherokee Nation out of Georgia. She is an artist without schooling or formal training but possesses great talent and passion. Stacey Littledeer has worked for years developing her style that is uniquely her own. Using pastel and watercolors, Stacey has developed a unique vision that she shares through “Spirit Paintings”.
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Mystical Art of Jolanta Talaikiene

Jolanta Talaikiene is a Lithuanian artist, graphic designer and children books' illustrator. After finishing her graphic design studies at Vilnius Art Academy, she worked at Lithuanian Film Studios drawing cartoons. Later she worked at the Ministry of Interior of Lithuania as a graphic designer and taught design at the Vilnius Design Institute.

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Uplifting Art of Brothers Martiashvili

It would not be surprising if after seeing this beautiful art you were inspired to visit Georgia, the native country of David and Zurab Martiashvili, where two brothers, talented artists, got their inspiration to create happy, colorful images on canvas. Their work is pure magic, joy, and fantasy, and more than that - it is an invitation to live out loud - to love and enjoy every single moment, making your inner child happy.
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