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William Belan: Artist that Creates on unlikely Canvas – His Cell Phone

William Belan (nicknamed Mandala Bill) is a Cleveland, Ohio native who creates the majority of his digital work from an unlikely canvas – his cell phone. He finds the use of this restricted, yet always available medium, a perfect tool to create with pure essence.

The creation process of Energy Art

He begins with a gut feeling “it’s time,” his “palette,” and the set of evolving processes which he’s developed through long periods of solitude, meditations, and repetition. The immersion of recursive iteration then begins, the creation, manipulation, and combination of layers, (which are usually photos taken by William on the same cellphone he uses to create).

Through adjustments applied to these layers, such as color, hue, contrast, opacity, and brightness to name just a few, the resulting creation is known as Energy Art, a vibrant and radiating abstract healing art form. Energy Art uses combinations of color, shapes, and parts of images. These frequencies applied together create sacred modality of energies which, when viewed, produce a range of healing effects on its viewers.

Healing effect of Bill’s art 

Over the last six years, Bill has come to realize that this unique experience of his, a pioneered new set of processes which heal the viewer, ‘Light Medicine’ of sorts, holds ties with ancient sacred practices, as found in Vedic texts and other esoteric belief systems.

Mandala, which commonly represents the cosmos, a microcosm of the universe, or “coming from a center,” is symbolic of these healing energies found throughout Bill’s artwork. It’s from an inner point within himself where these visions of spiritual powers manifest.

Bill believes that art is so much more than digital painting. It is an opportunity to saturate one’s self, if one allows, in an experience filled with pure love and light.

Enjoy Bill’s digital art collection and paintings in acrylic and oil (click on the first picture to open art gallery in full page):

Here’s how You can follow mandalabill’s work:

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