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Gio Kadagishvili’s Art

Enlightenment Media News presents Gio Kadagishvili, a talented artist from Tbilisi, Georgia. Gio is a painter, graphic design artist, and photographer. His work is influenced by literature, human values, social, political, and philosophical issues, the notion of reincarnation as well as love – the main momentum.

According to Gio, it is impossible for him to create a veritable work of art without love and passion. Gio Kadagishvili believes, that each person is born with a certain mission and this mission can only be accomplished when he is open to the world in full harmony. Therefore current world events are prominent in Gio Kadagishvili’s graphic design and paintings, but the sharp and broad spectrum of colors comes from nature and natural processes throughout it. His main objective is to study and reflect human activities in both – the Astral and the real world. See more at  https://musicart1980.wixsite.com/gioartgallery (By Gvantsa Manoshvili)

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