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Ken Wilber, A Theory of Everything

“A Theory of Everything” by Ken Wilber is a spiritual classic. “The Greeks had a beautiful word, Kosmos, which means the patterned whole of all existence, including the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realms… But us poor moderns have reduced the Kosmos to the cosmos, we have reduced matter and body and mind and soul and spirit to nothing but matter alone, 

and in this drab and dreary world of scientific materialism, we are lulled into the notion that a theory uniting the physical dimension is actually a theory of everything.”

“At this point of humanity’s development”, Ken Wilber felt, “it was our task to develop cosmology that covered not just matter but mind, soul, self, and culture – to make sense of art, physics, sociology, politics, medicine, and business as well as the movement of particles and the traverse of planets. Such a “theory of everything” was always going to be somewhat elusive, but given the fragmented and divided nature of the world, he reasoned, “a little bit of wholeness is better than none at all”.

The main idea of the book – “adopt an explanation of the universe that involves consciousness as well as matter” (Tom Butler-Bowdon)

Learn more about the author – https://enlightenmentmedianews.com/ken-wilber/

Available on amazon.com – A Theory of Everything: An Integral Vision for Business, Politics, Science and Spirituality

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