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Sofia Balas, Soulmates

Dr. Peter Russell, All You Need is Love

Fifty years ago, as our culture began a collective journey of conscious awakening, the Beatles recorded their anthem, “All You Need is Love.” Since then, we’ve been distilling the wisdom of the world’s spiritual traditions, stripping away the trappings of time and misunderstanding, to reveal their common truths.

Sofia Balas, Soulmates

Sofia Balas, Soulmates, Acrylic on Canvas

In the process, the teachings have become simpler and simpler, and the path easier and easier, bringing us ever closer to the essence of non-duality. Today, as we learn to drop back effortlessly into our own Being, we are reminded, once again, that all you need is love—love for own essential nature.

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Picture by Sofia Balas from the EMN Online Museum of Art