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From I am University: Conserve Your Forces by Gloria Excelsias

We live in a world of energies and forces. One of the reasons why people are so tired and why they suffer burnouts is because we continually waste our forces.

Uncontrolled thinking wastes our forces. When we allow our mind to wander off in all directions, we waste our forces.

When we get irritated over little things, we waste our forces. Struggling with inner conflicts and being unwilling to settle them, wastes our forces. When we are divided within ourselves, we waste our forces. Doing ten things at the same time wastes our forces. Even involuntary motions like tapping with the foot or with the fingers, waste our forces.

And what makes it even more alarming is that we have made it a habit to waste our forces. Our generation, speaking in general terms, has a real problem with concentration because with social media we are online all the time (which is not a bad thing in itself; it is an indication of us becoming omnipresent). However, we are constantly being interrupted. As we scroll down social media feeds, our mind flips from one subject to the next. The outer world determines our inner thinking (when it should be the other around). We have lost the ability to go within, to concentrate and to just be with ourselves. And so we keep wasting our forces, day in and day out. And wasting our forces, we become hurried, anxious and exhausted.

Our current evolutionary goal is to become Soul-aware in the here and now (in time and space), to identify with the Soul and to use our forces for an evolutionary purpose in service of humanity. To attain this goal we need to start thinking in terms of energies and forces and we need to start using our energies and forces in a way that is alignment with the law of conserving energy. Nature does not waste its forces and neither should we.

In other words: Let’s strive to concentrate our energies and not dissipate them in so many unrelated activities. It is a good idea to start eliminating non-essential activities that waste our forces. This allows us to organize our inner forces and makes us stronger and healthier altogether because we are building up an inner magnetic force rather than squandering it away all over the place.

One of the reasons why reticence was advised down the ages is because it conserves our energies. Chatting about the neighbors or about the shortcomings of other people and/or talking nonessential things literally, by definition, is a waste of energy. Silence is golden because it conserves our energies and helps to build up magnetism in our aura. The other thing that builds up magnetism like nothing else is joy. Remember, we live in a world of energies and forces. Joy is not just an empty name on a piece of paper, it is a tangible force and Soul power! I created a whole training around the subject of developing Soul powers. It’s called SOUL POWERS: 10 Steps to Awaken your Sleeping Potential into Active Power (More Info). Soul powers accumulate Soul energies in our aura. Joy is a Soul power. Joy is the natural state of our Soul.

Our job as a species whose evolutionary goal is Soul awareness in the brain consciousness is learning to control our forces and learning to use them in service of humanity and evolution. Learning to control our forces involves learning to concentrate. Concentration is about learning to concentrate (Latin: com = together, centrum = center) – that is: learning to gather together in a center – our forces, so they can actually accomplish something.

With this understanding in mind, what are we supposed to do? Here are some ideas:

  1. Before you talk, consider whether speaking is a wise use of your forces or whether silence may not be the better choice. Idle talk is a waste of forces. Focus on inspiring conversations.
  2. Focus on thinking positive thoughts and do not engage in negative thoughts (that is: immediately replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts). Negative thoughts are tiring because they waste our forces. Positive thoughts are uplifting because they are full of life and vitality.
  3. Whatever you do, concentrate on the very task and on nothing else. Be present.

ACTION STEPS: Start paying attention to your energy level. In which area are you mainly wasting your energies and forces? Think of one thing you can do to conserve your forces, and practice it for seven consecutive days.

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About the author: Gloria Excelsias is the President of the I AM University, an educational platform with a focus on Spiritual and psychological development, that was established by the late Dr. Joshua David Stone and handed over to her care in 2005, at Dr. Stone’s passing.

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