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From I Am University: Gloria Excelsias, Why and How to Improve Yourself

The purpose of life is evolution. To evolve, by definition, means to become less matter and more Spirit. On a practical level, we become less matter and more Spirit by being committed to daily improvements. The easiest and quickest way you can improve yourself is to watch yourself very closely each day.

 As you observe yourself – your thoughts, your emotions, your words, your actions, your moods, your habits –  be determined that you are going to correct some deficiency or do something with greater discipline, care, and mastery than you have ever done it before.

What you will notice is that this is very easy to do. All it takes is a little discipline in the beginning, and before you know it, in a year’s time you will have made 365 improvements!

Every improvement, every accomplishment we make is a step up the ladder of evolution. Why? Because an improvement, in essence, is a subtle rise in frequency, and as we steadily keep raising our frequency, we keep evolving out of the dense spectrum into the high-frequency spectrum.

Evolution is a step-by-step process. Every deliberate improvement in our thinking, feeling, speaking, and acting life means an atomic rearrangement of the fabric of our bodies through which our consciousness (Soul) operates. No good thought, no high feeling, no lofty aspiration, no kind word, no kind deed is in vain. They all constitute forces in our force field, our aura. Therefore, a commitment to small, daily improvements literally rearranges the atomic constitution of our bodies and raises the frequency of our force field.

Now, as we all know, the things that get scheduled are the things that get done. Therefore, be sure to work with a notebook that serves as your private Spiritual growth book. This will help you to be disciplined.

As you observe yourself, every time you do something which you know you should not have done (but which you did anyway out of the force of habit), make a note of it. This note-making will leave an impression upon you. What will happen is that next time you are about to do it, the impression will suggest itself, and you will thus have a chance to think twice before you go ahead and do it. You have a chance to channel the force in a new direction and thus free yourself from its bondage by becoming its master.

Also, each night, before going to bed, make a note of your improvements and accomplishments. Again, the note-taking activity will leave an impression upon you, and doing it daily, it will become an integral part of you. You are developing momentum (a wave of energy)! You are building up faith and belief in yourself. By continually focusing on your growth and improvements, you make yourself receptive to more growth and more improvements. You make the law of attraction work for you. You attract higher forces that will literally pull you up the ladder of evolution.

Always be improving! Never stand still! This is a sure way to not just go through life, but actually, grow through life.

ACTION STEP: Commit to daily improvements for the next seven days. Be sure to make notes of your deficiencies and your improvements. Let me know how it goes.

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