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From I Am University: How to Raise Yourself Out of Mass Consciousness By Dr Joshua David Stone

My Beloved Readers, this is another one of those chapters I have really been looking forward to channeling and writing about for this issue of how to raise oneself out of mass consciousness may be one of the single most important topics of one’s entire Spiritual path. This is a very complex and multi-faceted subject. On this note, let us begin!

Yogananda said that the single most important aspect of the Spiritual path is the company you keep. This is true, for most people in this world are victims, and sheep in a sense, and they tend to take on the consciousness of the energy of those around them. Now what people do not often focus upon is the fact that this occurs on a personal and collective level. On a personal level, people take on the energy of the people around them. This occurs for many reasons. Lack of personal power, lack of proper protection, lack of Spiritual discernment, lack of Spiritual vigilance, living on automatic pilot, being run by the emotional body and subconscious mind, being run by the inner child, seeking self-love, self-worth, and self-approval outside of self, instead of from self and from God! Not properly parenting the inner child. Needing acceptance, etc.

On an outer level, every Soul on this Earth is bombarded with mass consciousness programming. Besides our parents, extended family, school, church, temple, a social group growing up, peer pressure, and social pressures which are massive, there is also a lack of true understanding of Spiritual psychology which leaves everyone vulnerable. One cannot see in others what one cannot see in self. Very few on Earth have a developed and refined consciousness and this leaves them vulnerable. Sai Baba said, 70% of the Spiritual path is that of self-inquiry, or what Metatron calls Progressive Spiritual Processing. Most people do not know how to process their reality properly. They think they do, but they do not! I am not going to get into how to “process one’s reality” properly for that is a major chapter itself. I am here just trying to clearly show why people are so vulnerable to mass consciousness.

Besides what I have listed above, every book we read, every magazine, the news, TV, the movies we see, all social conversations, and yes, even the conversations among Lightworkers are all filled with mass consciousness! The media, our role models, our governmental leaders, the psychologists, the ministers, rabbis, religion, the New Age Movement, the lyrics of the songs we listen to on the radio are all filled with mass consciousness. Our conscious and subconscious minds are programmed with mass consciousness. Plus we have it from past lives programmed into us as well.

All Lightworkers on Earth are fully capable of breaking out of mass consciousness if they are given the proper training. The I AM University was humbly created to give you this training.

So let me begin now to go through some of the steps in achieving this ability to step out of mass consciousness.

First, you must own your personal power, your self-mastery, and causality. You must be a Master and not a victim, a cause, and not an effect. You also must have the right relationship with self, even before developing the right relationship with God. You must have both. You must every morning and night claim your protection and ask for protection, you must do both! You must affirm it and visualize it yourself and pray for it. Protection only works if you do both.

You must develop self-love, self-worth, self-approval, and self-acceptance within self and from God, or you will need it from others and get sabotaged.

You must be able to be independent, a shepherd rather than sheep. You must be willing to follow the beat of your own drummer. You must be willing to follow your path and inner guidance even if not a Soul on Earth agrees with you. You must become completely whole in self, so you don’t have to seek your wholeness in others. You must be willing to put the Creator first before His creation. You must want God like a drowning man or woman who wants air. You must be willing to stick to your Spiritual ideals even unto death if that is God’s Will! You must be willing to step into Spiritual leadership and dedicate your life to service.

You must attack life in an assertive sense every moment and day of your life, so it doesn’t have a chance to attack you. You must become the Supreme Spiritual Warrior every day of your life. You must claim 100% of your personal power and decisiveness at all times, for whatever percentage you leave out, will leave room for the negative ego to sabotage you. You must see life as climbing a Spiritual Mountain or Spiritual Ladder, and determine that at all costs you will make it to the top. You must at all costs as Shakespeare said, “To thine own self be true!” We are all born not to fit in but to stand out!  “Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything.”  (Alexander Hamilton, 1788, in his paper The Federalist)

You must live a life of “joyous vigilance” and not live on automatic pilot or let self be run by the subconscious mind, the mind or your feelings and emotions. You must be the Master of all these energies, for mass consciousness is just programming in your subconscious mind. You must transcend all negative thoughts and negative feelings and emotions, and completely reprogram your subconscious mind. Most of all, you need to think with your Spiritual/Christ/Buddha Mind not your negative ego/fear-based/separative/dualistic/illusionary/selfish/lower-self mind.

Another absolute key is you must polarize your consciousness, in your attunement, not to mass consciousness, but to the group consciousness of your Superconscious Mind and all Superconscious Minds which collectively are known as the Universal Mind!  You must attune your consciousness not to mass consciousness, but to the group mind of your Oversouls and the Mighty I Am Presence and Presences. You must attune your consciousness not to mass consciousness, but to the group mind of the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Angels, Elohim Masters, and Christed Extraterrestrials. You must attune your consciousness not to mass consciousness, but to the group mind of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit, or Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, the Trinity Group Mind!

You must switch the polarization of your consciousness from mass consciousness to this group consciousness.

This is how I humbly pulled myself out of mass consciousness. I did not reach my self-mastery by any one teacher telling me everything. I am humbly a self-made master. I fought myself up the mountain, keeping my attunement, attention, focus, my concentration, and my mind steady on this collective Spiritual consciousness, steady in the light. You can do it by keeping your attention and focus on God; by letting go of all symbolic adulterous lovers, symbolic false gods and idol worship, lesser doors, pearls of lesser price, and little gods. How many people truly, and I mean truly, put God first? Most Spiritual leaders and teachers say they do, but this is almost comical. They are filled with false gods of money, greed, false pride, negative ego, negative feelings and emotions, limited lens seeing, power issues, fame issues, sexual issues, vanity, self-aggrandizement, anger issues, fear issues, and know it not. This is because they are developed Spiritually and psychically but not in their consciousness and Spiritual psychology. They believe they mastered that in the spring of ‘72. They are blind and know it not. They are often “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” They are teachings and channels of fragmented ascension and disintegrated ascension.

Be Spiritually discerning my friends, for as Melchizedek told me one time, the Spiritual mountain we all must climb is a “slippery slope” and gets even more slippery the higher one goes.

My Beloved Friends, as Yogananda said, “Life is a battlefield!“ As Lord Maitreya (Krishna in a past life) said to Arjuna on the battlefield, “Get up and give up your unmanliness and get up and fight; this self-pity and self-indulgence is unbecoming of the great Soul you are!”

The only way out of mass consciousness is to fight your way out of it. You must put all your eggs in God’s basket. You must live in this world but not of this world. You must have preferences and not attachments in life. In all your relationships you must first be right with self, and then right with God, and then and only then can you be right with other people. You must strive for integration, balance, synthesis, full spectrum prism consciousness in all things, for otherwise you will be filled with blind spots, mind locks, and veils of light and time.

This is what I AM University will help you do in the quickest and easiest possible way.

You also must be disciplined and have structure. You must stick to your Spiritual practices of meditation, prayer, Soul travel, keeping an exacting Spiritual journal, interpreting your dreams, physical fitness, a good diet, proper sleep, light work, Spiritual activation work, learning and passing your Spiritual tests and lessons, developing and refining your consciousness, gaining the golden nuggets of wisdom each day from your experience, making adjustments and corrections, doing service work, repeating the Names of God, Power Words of God and Mantras of God, just to name a few!

You must develop an incredible work ethic, for as Djwhal Khul said in the Alice Bailey books, the average man or woman often surpasses the genius because of their work ethic. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Stay busy on things of God! Be about the Father’s business! If you are so busy doing this and following your own spiritual path, then mass consciousness, temptation, and the loss of dharma will not be able to reach you!

Your Spiritual path is not going to church or temple once a week. It is not a 40-hour a week job as some approach it! It is 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365-days a year job – year in and year out, even while you are sleeping!

So what happens when you take such an approach is that you are such a cause of reality and such a Master, and so active with the active intelligence of the Holy Spirit on all levels, that your consciousness and subconscious thinking, feeling, energy, habits, addictions, inner parenting, become reprogrammed!

Because you are so attuned to these seven higher levels of group consciousness (Soul, Superconscious, Oversoul, Mighty I Am Presence and Monad, Holy Spirit, Christ, and God), instead of succumbing to Earthly mass consciousness, you take on the thinking, feeling, energy, light, love, power, wisdom, habits, of the collective Spiritual group consciousness! And then you become a Master of Masters and Spiritual leader of leaders!

All your energies and parts of yourself become servants instead of masters, just as you serve the higher aspects of self. In truth, you marry these seven levels completely and in marrying them, in time, through practicing the Presence of the Mighty I Am Presence on Earth, and through practicing the presence of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit on Earth, and through practicing the presence of the Integrated Ascended Masters on Earth, and simply by being dedicated to service, you become that which you practice, teach and give!

By constantly giving the Pearl of Great Price, you become that Pearl! It is only in giving a thing that you can possess a thing.

By going after God like a drowning man wants air, eventually, your whole consciousness and reality become reprogrammed and a new habit of being of the Spiritual/Christ/Buddha Consciousness in an integrated and balanced way is developed, and you learn to transcend completely negative ego / fear-based / separative/dualistic/illusionary/selfish / lower-self /  consciousness! Through denying the lower mass consciousness in a totally vigilant manner unceasingly, and spending every moment of your day attuning, focusing, concentrating, putting your attention, consciousness, and mind on the higher Spiritual group consciousness and doing your Spiritual practices in a disciplined way and with structure and regularity, constantly reading and studying, and enrolling in the I AM University – so you are even studying all night long while you sleep and during the day as well in the inner and outer I AM University -, you will be pulled out of mass consciousness and into the Spiritual group consciousness. You will become a full and equal member of the Spiritual Hierarchy! I did this by claiming my identity to the level above me instead of the level I was living on. I was not afraid to stand alone.

The curriculum of the outer and inner plane I AM University will completely, and I mean completely, revolutionize your consciousness. It will so develop and refine your consciousness, you will not be drawn to mass consciousness and for the first time, you will be able to see it for what it is, which is nothing! This training will remove your blind spots, and everything will seem easy and obvious to you. You will say, why didn’t I think of that myself? It is so simple and obvious! Do not try to reinvent the wheel. Training has been developed through the inner and outer Earthly plane I AM University to help you achieve all these things and so much more.

My Beloved Readers, this is how you can pull yourself out of mass consciousness and become a part of the Spiritual group consciousness of Heaven! This is the process and these are the mechanics of getting there. Part of this is also practicing what you preach, and walking your talk! As the Universal Mind said through Cayce, “Knowledge without wisdom results in separation!” What is meant here is you must apply that which you are given. You must live your Spiritual ideals, for if you do not live them, be them, demonstrate them, practice them, and be the embodiment of them on Earth in the marketplace, it just results in separation!

So the I AM University is based on teaching, practice, and service! You learn, and then you practice, teach, and serve. In so doing you integrate that which you have been given and hence Spirit and the Masters will share more as they overlight you in your training. You teach what you want to learn. You give it, so you possess it. You need the blessing of giving and serving more than the person you are giving it to; for to have all you must give all.

I took the perspective in my life very early on of “Seeking the Kingdom of God,” and in so doing, “All things were added unto me,” as God has promised all of us. I took the advice of the Universal Mind very early in my life of seeking to glorify God on Earth, and he will glorify thee in Heaven! I sought to live a life glorifying God and the Masters and not-self. 30 years later they seem to be glorifying me, and I was not even seeking or wanting any glory, just to be one with God and realize God every moment of my life and to help as many Sons and Daughters of God, or Fellow I Ams as I could. So the Aquarian Age new quote is, “Glorify God on Earth and S/He will not only glorify thee in Heaven, S/He will glorify thee on Earth and give thee a Crown of Life!“

The total humble and humility-filled reason I made it out of mass consciousness is that I wanted God more than anything else. I really gave up everything, and I mean everything. I put all my eggs in His basket. I wanted the Creator more than His creation. I can honestly say that since my early twenties, my Spiritual passion, desire and fire for God has increased every day.

Most Lightworkers become on fire for a couple of months after a good book or good workshop and then fall back into the mass consciousness Earthly patterns. I not only wanted God like a drowning man wants air, I also fought for God like the Supreme Spiritual warrior! I also looked at my integrity as the most important thing in my life, and so if I learned a thing I forced myself to practice that thing. I was constantly making Spiritual vows, every day of my life, whenever I made a mistake. I made tons of them, but I learned from my mistakes. As Yogananda said, “A saint is a sinner that never gives up!” We have all been sinners, even the inner plane Ascended Masters!

I literally fought myself up the mountain, and I was so determined that I would not let anything stop me! The day I finished Wesak, I was already planning the next one. My desire and drive for God has been off the charts! So has my desire to love and my desire to seek wisdom. After many years I became very successful inwardly and outwardly, and I was very content in my success, but never satisfied! No matter how much I achieved, I would work even harder the next day. I kept putting myself on thought programs and Spiritual battleplans in all areas of life to develop myself. I was unceasing in my Spiritual practices and in my service efforts. I was so into the process I couldn’t wait each morning to get up and start again. It got to the point where I never felt like I was ever working, even though any third-dimensional personality level person might say I was a workaholic.

I of course rested when I needed to and embraced the horizontal plane of life, relationships, friends; but I did these things in the context of my Spiritual path, not separate from my spiritual path. If for some reason I could not run up the mountain, I would walk, and if I couldn’t walk I would crawl. I would not be stopped. I held unto God’s feet like Jacob of old and would not let go until God blessed me. Thirty years later I made it and had the dream that I was climbing Mt Everest with a beautiful woman, and when we made it to the top of Mt Everest a Master from the Great White Lodge greeted me and said, “No one in the history of the Earth has ever climbed this face of Mt Everest before!” This face of course was that of Synthesis!

For thirty years, since my early twenties, I had been studying all religions and all spiritual paths, all forms of psychology, philosophy and Earthly mastery, and wove them all together with Spirit and the Masters into this new synthesized training program called the I AM University! It is training to help all of you achieve your higher levels of initiation as well so you may become a fully Integrated Ascended Master!

One of the other reasons it is hard for Souls to pull themselves out of mass consciousness is because their Spiritual psychologies have been so off-kilter; then for the last 2000 years the Piscean age influence was so watery, the planetary Sixth Ray influence was so watery, and the Atlantean influence was all water and astral as well! There has been a lack of mental development which has made almost all Souls run by the emotional body, subconscious mind, inner child, and desire bodies. Even when these Souls tried to meditate, they would just attract lower or medium-level astral beings and lower-level ETs! These Souls meant well, but the law of the universe is that you attract to you that which resonates with the vibratory frequency of the development and refinement of your consciousness, or lack thereof. So without even realizing it, they were not only tuning into the mass consciousness of the Earth, they were tuning into the mass consciousness of the lower astral and mental planes, and planes of the lower ETs. My Beloved Readers, this is why this issue of the development and refinement of your consciousness is so important!

On top of this lower astral and lower mental group consciousness, every Soul is living in an atmosphere not only of physical smog, but also astral smog, mental smog, etheric smog, energy smog – or mental, emotional, etheric, energetic dross, as it has been called. It is like that cartoon character Linus in “Peanuts” always having a dark cloud around him. Do any of you realize, for example, how much negative energy there is in most cities? It is astronomical. The entire Earth is covered in these layers of metaphysical smog!

Unless one really steps into their full personal power, self-mastery and causality, they will succumb to all these lower mass consciousness forces, let alone the personal group of people we hang around with! I have seen a great many very well-known New Age Spiritual Leaders fall because of the unscrupulous negative ego-run group of people they hang around with. They of course do not realize this, for you cannot see this in another if you cannot see it in yourself. Be very aware. This applies to Spiritual growth as well, for the students of such teachers take on all the blind spots and corruption of these fallen so-called Spiritual Leaders, who are not really Spiritual Leaders, they just think they are. In the Spiritual Hierarchy’s eyes, they are fallen beings.

My Beloved Readers, it is Spirit, the Masters, and my sincere hope and prayer that this lesson on how to rise out of mass consciousness has been helpful and enlightening to your personal process. It has been our great collective joy to share this information with you on this Day of our Lord!

So let it be written! So let it be done! Amen!

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