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Dr. Joshua David Stone, It Is Not Time That Heals; It Is The Mind That Heals – So In Truth Healing Can Occur Instantly

In truth it is not time that heals, as people often say, it is the mind that heals. Let me explain. This expression is often used in relationship to some emotional trauma of some kind, be it divorce and death of a loved one, or some traumatic mental and emotional event.

The best way I can explain this is by using the theory of Elisabeth Kübler Ross that people go through four stages of mental and emotional reactions in dealing with death or loss. They are denial, anger, depression, and acceptance. Most people on this planet accept this as a truth. If one is run by the personality rather than guided by the Soul or Monad it is true. This is exactly how most people on this planet respond.

However, the truth is for an Integrated Ascended Master, they would not respond this way, for they are the master of their emotions and are not run by the personality. They would not need to go through these personality level stages for they are not a victim, and they are able to transcend negative emotions for they know they are created by the mind and not any outside person or event. The Integrated Ascended Master would go right to acceptance and not need denial, anger, and depression. This is a personality level theory that stems out of traditional psychology, not Spiritual psychology. This is not to say there is any judgment if anyone goes through this process for most do. I am just trying to show you that death and loss have absolutely nothing to do with people going through this, it is their consciousness and mind.

So when people go through a divorce, loss, or traumatic emotional experience, it is not time that is healing, it is that time causes the person to think new thoughts that create new and different emotional experiences. So over time, people begin to think about that experience in a new way, like looking at it as a blessing in disguise, or by looking at the silver lining or learning things from it, or it becomes buried by new experiences such as a new relationship, new friends, new life experience which is the catalyst for new ways of thinking and new thoughts which create new feelings. So in truth, it is not time that heals anything, it is the changing of one‘s thoughts on a conscious and subconscious level that is healing the person. That is why the Bible says, “Be ye transformed by the renewal of your mind.“ You are what you think! As a man thinketh, so is he!

In India and other countries on this planet people believe in reincarnation, so death is looked at as a release from the confines of the physical body and is not perceived as the death of the Soul which many in the west think is the physical body itself. So death is a joyous experience.

It is the same thing with our life experience; the negative ego and personality tell us that some things that happen are good and some things are bad. This is an illusion. Everything that has ever happened to you in the past, presently, or will happen to you in the future in truth from God’s perspective is good! There are no accidents and everything happens for a reason. You are meeting yourself! You are meeting your thoughts and actions from past lives and this life, which is the law of karma or cause and effect.

An Integrated Spiritual Master thanks God for everything that happens and looks at it as a gift and blessing whether it is their preference that it happens or not. The Integrated Ascended Master lives in a transcendent consciousness and nonattached consciousness which allows them to be happy and have inner peace and even-mindedness no matter what happens. For everything is perceived as a Spiritual test, lesson, and opportunity to grow, as a stepping stone for Soul growth, as another opportunity to practice the Presence of God and to practice the Spiritual/ Christ/ Buddha/ God Consciousness.

So whatever happens in life say “Not my will but Thine, thank you for the lesson!“ As Sai Baba says, “Welcome adversity!” Remain even-minded in profit or loss, pleasure or pain, sickness or health, victory or defeat, praise or criticism. So-called „bad things“ that happen are in truth opportunities to love God even more and to thank Him and bless Him even more and to become even more powerful in self. Many people love God less when so-called „bad things“ happen, but the real lesson and Spiritual test is to love God even more, and thank God even more.

The lesson is to make yourself bigger, not smaller. The lesson is to become even more powerful and even more of a Spiritual warrior and not let yourself get weakened by it. For every lesson and Spiritual test you master, you gain the strength and wisdom from doing so. This is the big mistake that most make when so-called „bad things“ happen. Number one is that they perceive it as negative or bad when it is not. Number two is they love God less or think God is causing it when God does not create your reality, you do. Number three they get less powerful and become less of a Spiritual Warrior and allow that experience to weaken them, instead of becoming more powerful and even more of a Spiritual warrior.

What has been shared here is one of the great secrets to achieving inner peace at all times in life no matter what occurs. Ponder on this.

So let it be written. So let it be done.

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