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Dr. Joshua David Stone, Why Prayer, Affirmations and Visualization Do Not Always Get the Results People Want

My Beloved Readers, this is a most interesting subject and one that has baffled many a lightworker and consciousness seeker. How come if they are doing these Spiritual practices are they not getting the results they seek!? I will attempt to explain.

Let us begin with affirmations and prayers. It must be understood, my friends, that every thought you think, feeling you feel, the word you speak, and action you take is an affirmation. So the first answer to this question is that everyone on planet earth and anywhere else for that matter are doing affirmations and visualizations every moment of their lives.

Second, most people are not fully aware of all the programming that currently exists in their subconscious mind from this lifetime and all their past lives, which is functioning as an affirmation and visualization already programmed into the subconscious from the past.

Third, most people do not have 100% mastery of their thoughts, emotions, negative ego mind, lower-self desire, and inner child, and are not thinking and feeling with their Spiritual/ Christ/ Buddha mind at all times.

So, are you beginning to see what happens? Lightworkers and consciousness seekers use positive affirmations and visualizations, which is good, however, they are having to counteract an enormous amount of programming that is already functioning all the time as an affirmation and visualization. Plus all the new stuff that is coming in through what is called the daily process of self-inquiry, or what I like to call positive or negative daily self-talk. This, of course, is the inner daily dialogue that goes on all day in our consciousness. So the positive affirmations and visualizations definitely help, but until you clean out your subconscious mind and conscious thinking, and until you gain full mastery of your daily thinking, feeling, speaking, negative ego, inner child, lower-self desire and so on, at times it can seem to be an up hill battle.

Then you ask, “How can I achieve this?” Well, my friends, this is part of what the I AM University is all about—teaching people to do this in a very easy to understand and practical manner by showing them how to become Integrated Enlightened Masters.

Now moving to the second issue of why prayers are not always as quick and successful as people and lightworkers like. This is also a multi-faceted issue. Let me explain. First off, it must be understood that all prayers are heard by God (Spirit, the universe etc. – please pick a language that resonates with you) and answered. The key point here is that they are answered in God’s way, not necessarily the way the personality or lower will wants them answered. Let me explain. First off, what must be understood is that we live in a third-dimensional world governed by the laws of time and space. This being the case, things work slower on this plane than in the Spiritual world. In the Spiritual world people travel with the speed of thought. In this world, because we live and move and have our being in a physical body and material world, there is an issue of patience that is necessary in prayer.

Second, there is the issue of faith and trust! Many lightworkers pray but then give in to self-doubt, worry, and fear. God/Spirit still hears the prayer, but the doubts, fears, and overall negativity tends to sabotage the prayer on a subconscious level. For on a subconscious and conscious level, often without realizing it, the person is affirming and visualizing the opposite of that which is being asked for.

Third, the person is often attached to what they are praying for which tends to push it away. Prayers should always be what I like to call “prayer preferences not prayer attachments.“

Fourth, people do not pray enough and ask for help enough. It is also helpful to pray not only to God but also to the inner plane Ascended Masters, Archangels and Angels, Elohim Masters, and the Christed Extraterrestrials for help. People need to be like Jacob in the Bible who grabbed hold of the leg of the Angel and said I will not let go of you until you bless me.

Fifth, often people’s prayers are not specific enough and they get a general response. The universe can‘t give you what you don‘t ask for. This is why I recommend that people write down their prayers on a piece of paper and read them three times out loud.

Sixth, prayer sometimes doesn’t work because it is not integrated. By this I mean that people are not doing their physical part to help the prayer. We have all heard the adage “God helps those who help themselves.” We also know that life is a co-creation. Let me give an example. Let’s say someone prays to meet their Spiritual mate, yet they stay home and never go out of their house. This makes it harder for the universe to meet this prayer request.

Seventh, sometimes prayers are answered and people do not even realize it. In the example above, the person may have prayed to meet their Spiritual mate and three weeks later they are in the laundromat and the universe has set it up for them to meet this special person they have prayed for and the person then even talks to them, however, they are too shy to talk back, or not in the mood to talk, or fearful to talk, or whatever. You get the point. They did not make the connection that this was the answer to their prayer.

Eighth is that God works in mysterious ways. The personality and negative ego often try to control God and tell God how the prayer should be answered. God and the Masters are much wiser. You may pray for abundance to occur, however, God may give it to you in his time in a way that is totally unexpected!

Ninth, now sometimes people ask for things that are not meant to be and God/the universe will not answer a prayer that will hurt your soul growth or is not meant to be. A person may ask to be the President of the United States. It is fine to ask, but that may not be that person’s true dharma and puzzle piece!

Tenth, since life is a co-creation, lightworkers often are not integratively doing all they need to do to manifest their prayer. They are not keeping the faith, having trust and patience, or doing positive affirmations and visualizations to help it along. They are not doing their conscious personal power level work and action to make the prayer manifest. For example, the prayer might be to be successful in their business. However, the person is not staying organized, returning phone calls, doing errands, or taking care of business. This tenth reason points to the fact that all prayer is “integrated prayer,” which means each level of self—conscious, subconscious, feelings, physical body, and so on—must do its part to make the prayer work. It is only when all levels and aspects of self-work to help manifest the prayer is the prayer most effective. So do you see, my friends, that most people just pray and expect God and the Masters to do it and that is not how prayer really works. Prayer is a co-creation, for you are God as well! Occasionally God just answers a prayer without you having to do much, however, most of the time prayer is an integrated and co-creative process. Prayer is most effective when there is consistency on all levels in terms of what has been asked for.

It is my sincere hope and prayer that this chapter has opened your eyes a little more to the integrated and holistic nature of affirmation, visualization, and prayer, and helps you to see what the focus of Spirit, the Masters, and I try to teach people is how to be “Integrated Spiritual Masters.” This, my friends, is the key to being successful in these issues we have discussed in this chapter and, in truth, in all aspects of life, both in a Spiritual sense of success and in material success as well. I end this chapter with a quote from the Bible, “Seek ye the Kingdom of God and all things shall be added unto thee.“

So let it be written. So let it be done.

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