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Gloria Excelsias, Wesak: Once-in-a-Year Opportunity to Accelerate our Spiritual Growth

The Festival of Wesak is celebrated on the full moon of Taurus (full moon when the sun is in Taurus). At the hour of the full moon, the light volume of the sun is at its optimum and it is this energy of the sun that we seek to amplify and disseminate. As Djwhal Khul said:

“The moon itself has no influence on the work; but the fully-lighted orb of the moon indicates a free and unimpeded alignment between our planet and the sun, the solar center, the energy source for all life on Earth. At such times we can make a definite approach to God, the Creator, the center of life and intelligence…..”

In other words, at the hour of the full moon, a door is opened that gives humanity access to higher spiritual energies and forces which at other times we cannot contact. Our job is to make ourselves receptive to these energies, absorb them, and share them in service.

In the East, the Wesak Festival is known as the Festival of the Buddha. So at Wesak, of course, we also celebrate the birth and life and teachings of Buddha. It is said that the Buddha came into incarnation in Taurus and also gained enlightenment in Taurus, under the Bodhi Tree. So the Taurus Full Moon certainly deserves our attention.

Highlight of the Year

Spiritually speaking, the Festival of Wesak at the full moon during Taurus is the highlight of the year. People from around the world, from all walks and faiths, awakening to the reality of the Greater Divine Plan and inspired to actively serve that Plan, come together in Spirit and link up Spiritually, in meditation, with the greater network of lightworkers that spans around the world, as well as with the Masters of Wisdom who have been guiding humanity down the ages from behind the scenes and who, at Wesak, jointly direct all their focus and attention towards humanity.

So Wesak is the Spiritual summit of the year because of the combined focus and attention of the Masters on the inner plane as well as the aspirants, disciples and initiates on the outer plane, on the working out of the Divine Plan. This combined focus creates an alignment between the inner and outer worlds. The New Group of World Servers, which is composed of these incarnated aspirants, disciples and initiates as well as by every single individual who strives to establish world peace and goodwill on Earth, serves as a bridge between the Hierarchy and humanity and serves as a channel to ground the Spiritual impulse given at Wesak. When we actively engage in this process, we help to fuse and merge the two divine centers, Hierarchy and Humanity, into one cooperating unit. This serves to clear the way for the Externalization of the Hierarchy and the externalization of the Fifth Kingdom on Earth (which it is our evolutionary goal to enter).

A Day of Planetary World Service in Group Consciousness

Now, this annual alignment at Wesak facilitates the gradual externalization of the Divine Plan. At each Wesak, a new impulse is given to reveal the greater Divine Plan, followed by a commitment by everyone gathered to actively translate and implement that impulse. This impulse comes in the form of high-level spiritual energies and forces that are released on Earth, charging the whole atmosphere of the planet with high-level electromagnetic energies. As we sit down in meditation, contemplation, and aspiration, and consciously connect with all the lightworkers around the world, we form a gigantic network and matrix of light and energy that allows us to serve as a collective channel for these high spiritual energies and forces. In other words, collectively, as a gigantic network, we draw the energies of the Taurus constellation down to Earth. Our auras are charged with these energies – and they remain in our aura and stay with us even after Wesak, continuing to work on us.

Working together in unison, we can hold a much higher frequency than anyone of us could hold individually because the energies are disseminated among all of us. So at Wesak, we learn to work as a group, to step into group consciousness, and to realize ourselves as a cell in a greater body. As such, Wesak is a day of planetary world service in group consciousness. Wesak is a day where we collectively – every one of us who deliberately directs their attention towards this greater spiritual impulse – anchor new energies on Earth.

Major Impulse to Advance on the Ladder of Evolution

We live in a world of energies. Everything is energy. To advance on the ladder of evolution, we need to anchor higher energies that help us to advance. This is what happens at Wesak. Energetically speaking, Wesak is the highlight of the year. At Wesak, we can charge our vessels with the highest and finest energies that are available to us and therefore transform our consciousness and life. When we are present at Wesak and consciously connect with our Spiritual family on Earth and our Spiritual family in the higher dimensions, we can speed up our evolution in the most profound way. At Wesak, when we are really present, we can strengthen our link with our own Soul, anchor the energies of the Soul and distribute these Soul energies into the world in a very potent way. And at Wesak, we do it collectively – lightworkers from all around the world – which has a much greater impact.

So throughout the year, we work on developing Soul consciousness, we work on anchoring the Soul and actualizing it – so we create a channel between our Soul and our brain and thereby grow more and more aware of the higher spiritual realities in the here and now – and at Wesak this work receives an additional major impulse which allows us to link up with higher spiritual sources, thereby helping us to advance on the ladder of evolution, both individually and collectively.

Wesak: Time of Initiations

In other words, given the energies pouring into the planet, given the evolutionary impulses released at Wesak, given the combined focus and attention of Shamballa, the Hierarchy and the New Group of World Servers on the gradual unfolding and revelation of the Divine Plan, and given the once-in-a-month unimpeded alignment between our planet and the sun, there is a once-in-a-year opportunity to massively expand our consciousness. Such expansions of consciousness are called initiations. In other words, Wesak is the time of the year where most initiations are taken.

An initiation is an expansion of consciousness. When we expand our consciousness, we are breaking through to a higher level of awareness. So Wesak is a time for spiritual breakthroughs and revelations. When we focus all our energies, Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically/etherically on Wesak, on the Divine Plan, on our evolutionary goal, we are channeling all our energies upwards which helps to break the veils to higher awareness. So when we focus all our energies – which we ideally do at Wesak – on our evolutionary goal and service, we literally can take another step up on the ladder of evolution. And with every rung on the ladder we climb, we see more, we gain a wider perspective and, therefore, a greater understanding of life.

Part of the reason why life on Earth does not make much sense in many ways is simply because we lack the perspective of the greater picture. With every initiation we take, with every expansion in consciousness we undertake, we are expanding our view on life. But for us to take advantage of this opportunity, we need to be present and aware and actively participate at Wesak. And we need to remember that the secret to taking initiations is to take the initiatives necessary that will expand our consciousness. In 12 Daily Initiatives of the Aspiring Yogi, I share 12 valuable initiatives with you which will help you to expand your consciousness in a safe and balanced way.

Wesak is January 1st: Beginning of a New Spiritual Year – Time to Renew Yourself

So, Spiritually speaking, Wesak is January 1st for all those of us who are beginning to awaken to the greater reality of the Divine life. Wesak is the beginning of a new Spiritual year. And to launch this new year, a new impulse is given – followed by the formulation of an evolutionary plan for the Spiritual year ahead, to actualize the impulse.

In other words: Wesak is the perfect time of the year to give our life a new direction, to ponder on our evolutionary goal, and decide to live a purposeful life. Wesak is the perfect moment to start over again, to start something new or to renew something already existing. And the reason why it is the perfect time to start over is because the Spiritual leadership guiding humanity gathers to set a new, higher evolutionary goal for the year – and they are forwarding the impulse to advance, to humanity. That‘s why at Wesak we have an added stimulus to refresh our aspirations and efforts. At Wesak fresh energies are released to the planet, and these fresh energies inspire a fresh effort in us IF we are open to receiving it.

Christ said, „Be ye renewed by the renewal of your mind.“ We have to constantly renew our mind, renew our emotional nature, renew our body, renew our relationships, renew our service, renew every aspect of our lives. The one thing we cannot do in life is standstill. We have to keep renewing ourselves. The moment we stop renewing ourselves, we start going backward. We begin to involve instead of evolving. Renewal means evolution.

Let‘s renew our vision and come up with the greatest vision for enlightened humanity that we can possibly conceive. Let‘s renew our mind and think new thoughts. Let‘s renew our motivation. Let‘s renew our emotional nature and feel the higher vibrations of love and joy and beauty. Let‘s renew our language and raise it to the next level. Let‘s renew our diet and raise the vibration of our physical/etheric vehicle. Let‘s renew our physical life and do new things, take new actions – in service of love and light and wisdom. If we never renew our life and consciousness, we just keep going in circles. If we never renew our life, we involve instead of evolving. Involution is densification. Evolution is spiritualization. We have an evolutionary goal, not an involutionary goal. Our current evolutionary goal is to grow into a Soul-conscious species.

Wesak is the perfect time of the year to say, „Today, I will go and arise to my Father (Monad). Today I will start over and begin a new life. Today I shall be reborn. Beginning today, I will make my evolution and Spiritual progress a priority in my life and transform myself into an enlightened man/woman.“

So, Wesak is the perfect time to renew ourselves on all fronts; to improve ourselves on all levels. When we try to improve ourselves, when we try to do better today than we did yesterday, and to do better tomorrow than we do today, we are slowly but steadily transforming ourselves. Just by setting the goal to improve one aspect of ourselves each day (for the next 365 days), we are slowly but steadily transforming ourselves. Are you ready for the challenge?

Wesak, being the beginning of a new Spiritual year, is the perfect day of the year to renew ourselves and to take our life and consciousness to the next level. At Wesak, the leadership of the planet shares a great divine vision with humanity, and when we deliberately tune in and manage to gain a glimpse of that greater vision, we receive new inspiration, motivation, and aspiration which in turn fuels us on to keep striving. And in our striving to actualize the vision we receive, we begin to create plans. A vision is an image of the future that we want to step into. The plan is the steps we decide to take to step into the vision.

So Wesak is the perfect time of the year to make a plan for your Spiritual growth for the next 365 days. How do you want to grow? What do you want to work on during the next year? Pick some themes and get started: i.e., work on your emotional nature, develop your mind, actualize virtues (which are Soul energies), decipher and actualize your inner potential, purify your diet, strengthen your link with your Soul, take your service work to the next level, look at yourself and decipher all your vices and hindrances, illusions, glamour and Maya and start sublimating them systematically, etc. Start a Spiritual diary and start to work on your unfoldment in a systemic way. If you think about it, we all plan our vacations, but how many of us sit down and plan our evolution and life? Wesak is the perfect moment to sit down, go within, look where we stand, decide where we want to go, determine on a goal, and then get ready for some new learning. There is so much to do. Once we begin to grasp the purpose of life and the need of the hour, we can no longer afford to waste our time, our energy, our life. Now is the time to get serious! Are you serious?

Wesak is Commitment and Decision Time: Build your Antahkarana

Those of us who are growing aware of the greater Divine Plan, who understand that our current evolutionary goal is to grow into a Soul-conscious species and to externalize Christ Consciousness on Earth have a responsibility to actively apply that which we learn. Theory lives on the mental plane. We have to practice the theory in our every day lives. This is how we ground our knowledge and help construct the (personal and planetary) Antahkarana and proceed towards continuity of consciousness (which shall finally end the illusion of death and separation).

Think of the Antahkarana as a mechanism of contact, a beam of light that reaches from our brain to the higher mind. When the Antahkarana is built and intact (the Antahkarana is something we have to build), it will register what is going on in the higher dimensions and transmit it right to our brain. In other words: We will begin to grow aware – in the here and now, in our brain consciousness – of what is going in the higher dimensions. Isn‘t that part of what we all strive for? Soul awareness in our brain consciousness? Yes, it is! The so-called breaking of the Antahkarana back in Atlantis is the reason why we feel cut off from Source and one another today, why death and separation feel so real. To undo the illusion of separation and restore the reality of oneness – not just in theory but in practice – we need to build the Antahkarana.

So at Wesak, one thing we can do to build the Antahkarana (which is a life-long process), is to strengthen our commitment and to apply that which we have learned about evolution, about the purpose of life, about the Divine Plan.

Wesak is decision time. Use this moment to make a decision to get serious about your awakening and your Spiritual growth. Etymologically speaking, coming from the Latin decidere, to decide means “to settle a dispute.” The moment you make a decision to dedicate your life to reach your current evolutionary goal which is to become Soul conscious, you settle the inner dispute, the inner conflict between the lower self and the Higher Self. To make a decisive decision to dedicate the next 365 days to your Spiritual growth and service means to decide in advance to follow through for the next 365 days no matter what. If we don‘t make a decisive decision about our Spiritual growth, the tiniest problem or inconvenience will throw us off the path. Wesak is the day of the year to make decisive decisions and to summon up all the determination in our hearts to follow through on our decisions and actualize the greater vision we receive and conceive.

5 Days of Alignment – 24 Hours of Focus

Djwhal Khul suggested that we hold our focus and attention starting two days prior to the full moon, on the full moon itself, and two days after the full moon. However, the 24 hours before the exact hour of the full moon are energetically speaking the most powerful to attune and align.

How do we attune and align? During those five days, but especially during the 24 hours leading up to the full moon, we should aim to still our emotional nature (when we are emotionally upset we cannot register any higher vibrations – yet registration of higher vibrations is our goal), we should also aim to hold the mind still and steady in the light, align with our Soul and further align with the Hierarchy and Shamballa, making ourselves receptive to the transmissions from Shamballa (where the Will of God is known) via the Hierarchy. This transmission shows itself as illumination and inspiration which is then our responsibility to share with the world. This transmission evokes a newfound inspiration, motivation, and aspiration within us to serve and grow and advance. It kindles the fire within us and inspires us to strive for the noble vision of perfection and enlightenment.

So during the 24 hours leading up to the full moon, it would be good to concentrate and focus. Now, for most people, having to take care of the business of daily life, etc, it may not work to be actively focused for 24 hours but try to find at least an hour to focus your consciousness – and if at all possible, let that hour be the 6o minutes leading up to the exact moment of the full moon.

Just like our heartbeats in an exact rhythm, the energies of the cosmos are moved by a greater rhythm that is divinely exact and precise. At the precise hour of the full moon, the energies are at their optimum strength and focus – not just at Wesak, but at every full moon. And so if we make it a focus to tune into this greater rhythm once a month, at the exact hour of the full moon, as we get into the rhythm of doing this, we can dramatically increase our energy level, our evolution, and our ability to serve. At the hour of the full moon, the energies are the strongest.

How to Prepare for Wesak

As we have said, Wesak is the highlight of the year. At Wesak, high-level energies are pouring into the planet and our goal should be to make ourselves receptive to these energies, to absorb them, assimilate them, and radiate them. Understanding this goal, we can prepare ourselves accordingly.

One of the most important ways to prepare ourselves for Wesak is to purify our physical body, emotional nature, and mental body from as many hindrances as possible: unsupportive/ fear-based/ separative thoughtforms, ugly emotions, unhealthy food. Illusions, glamour, and Maya.

Why is purification before Wesak so important? Because at Wesak high-level energies are released to the planet. When our energy field is pure and beautiful, we will be able to soak in the energies and they will lift us up and advance us on the way. However, when our energy field and aura are polluted with separative thoughtforms and decaying thoughtforms, with lower emotional forces and urges, with glamour, Maya and illusion, the energies released at Wesak will stimulate the junk in our aura.

That‘s part of the reason why around the days of Wesak (and every full moon) crime, violence, and such increase. The energies which are released by the Spiritual leadership of the planet will stimulate whatever is in our aura, both the „good and the bad“. At every full moon, energies are released that stimulate those who work constructively as well as those who work destructively. That‘s why on the one hand, humanity continues to build the most destructive weapons of mass destruction while on the other hand, people take to the streets to protest for world peace. The rise of extremes we see in our world today (both within ourselves and in the world at large) is a direct effect of the energies that are hitting the planet on a monthly basis, especially during the full moon periods.

When we purify our vehicles and aspire to grow during the days of Wesak, the energies hitting our planet will stimulate our aspiration. However, when we don‘t purify our nature, the energies will stimulate the fear-based forces in our aura and cause an automatic, mechanical reaction.

That is why purification is necessary for us individually to grow, but above all else, as we purify our own nature from illusions, glamour, and Maya, we render a tremendous service to humanity because we make ourselves into a pure vessel to receive higher energies, assimilate and share them. So let‘s aim to really master and control our thoughts and emotions before, during, and after Wesak. Let‘s aim for pure thought and pure love. In light of the above, it is also recommended to refrain from sexual activity during these five days.

Another thing we can do to prepare ourselves is to deliberately direct our thoughts, feeling nature, our language, and our activities towards Wesak. In other words, leading up to the full moon of Wesak, let‘s occupy our mind, heart, Soul, language, and daily activities, with the idea of Wesak, with the ideas of oneness, love, brotherhood/sisterhood, world peace, enlightenment, etc.

This is how we align our nature with the greater energy of Wesak and how we may attune Spiritually to the event. This is how we make ourselves sensitive to the higher spiritual energies that are flooding the planet at Wesak. Wesak has been going on for ages, however, we have not been aware of it, partly because of our lacking sensitivity. Once we decide to make ourselves receptive to the high-level energies reaching us, our decision makes us receptive and sensitive, and magnetically attracts them. Once we receive the energies, we have to assimilate them and radiate them out to humanity.

So once we begin to understand that we live in a world of energies and that at the hour of the full moon high-level energies are released to Earth, through our preparation and aspiration we can begin to consciously respond to these energies by using them in service. However, when we are not aware of these energies and our consciousness is focused in the lower self, below the diaphragm, they are hitting our lower centers and stimulate them into reaction. When the energies hit our lower centers, we react. When they hit our higher centers, we can respond. When we react, we are the victim of the energies. When we learn to respond and direct the energies of the constellation in which the sun is (at the various full moons), we can become the master of the energies.

When we prepare for Wesak by lifting our heart and mind and consciousness to love and light and Source, we prepare ourselves to receive the energies in our higher centers so we may then redirect and channel them in a masterful way. That is why preparation is so important. Otherwise, we will reject the energies with our automatic, mechanical reactions.

Three Centers: Shamballa, Hierarchy, Humanity

Wesak is a day of contact between humanity and the spiritual leadership of the planet.

There are three centers on Earth: Humanity, Hierarchy, Shamballa. These three centers are slowly but steadily aligning and integrating into one cohesive unit. At each Wesak, this alignment and integration is moved forward.

♦  Shamballa is formed by those extra-planetary guides who came to humanity ages ago to spark the evolution of humanity on Earth.

♦  The Hierarchy is formed by those men and women who have mastered Earth life and who have managed to graduate from the fourth kingdom (the human kingdom) into the fifth kingdom, also known as „The Kingdom of God“ or kingdom of awakened Souls (which it is our evolutionary goal to enter.)

♦  Humanity is formed by every man, woman, and child on Earth.

At Wesak, Shamballa receives the energies from the sun and the solar system gathers them in the form of a Purpose which then forwards to the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy, in turn, interprets the Purpose of Life and Will of God and formulates It into Plan which They then in turn project to Humanity. Our job then is to tune into the energy of the Plan. As we tune into the Plan and get an idea of the Plan (we don‘t originate any ideas here on Earth; we just pick up ideas), our job then is to work it out on Earth. Our job is to actualize the energies we receive from Shamballa via the Hierarchy.

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