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Kenji Kumara, Quantum Embodiment

ConsciousnessOn the physical plane, we appear as human beings having the gamut of emotions, philosophies, medical challenges, strengths and weaknesses, tendencies and proclivities, quirks and oddities, and all manner of willpower and resolve. We appear to be a mix of personalities, likes and dislikes, and varying degrees of compassion and wisdom. We, indeed, wear a robe of many colors.

Socially speaking, we have a caste of many levels, ranging from the elite to the untouchables. Some seem to be gifted with great intelligence, while others seem to just barely get by with little or nothing. Some are born into money, others scape by with barely enough and live in so-called poverty and desperation.

We appear to have conflicting religions and spiritual paths and each has its own little corner of the universe – each worshipping a different God. Even within families, there is the “black sheep” of the family, the one who beats a different drummer. Such diversity on the planet. Remember F.E.A.R. is false evidence appearing real. On the physical, there appears to be conflict; on the spiritual levels, there is peace.

On another plane of perspective if we look at the gifts we bring into this lifetime, we see the soul urge to embody that which is unseen to most people. We seem to inwardly “know” there is so much more to life and what we can bring to the table. But where is it and how do we begin to express the unseen. We seem to know that we are much more than what we believe we are and what others think we are. We seem to know that we can do better, and more. If we could just tap into this vastness of possibility, our life would change in an instant, so to speak.

What are we really seeking spiritually? Is it the Holy Grail, the Fountain of Youth, the Philosopher’s Stone, the Arc of the Covenant? is it the Sacred Heart, Merlin’s Sword, the Treasure of Heaven? It is the I AM, the universal consciousness of Spirit, the essence of Being, the Stillness of God.

When we are ready, we will begin to receive the gifts of the spirit, and each one of us has unique gifts and knowing of how to recreate our lives and to help change the world view. On other levels, we have the knowing to move mountains and to transmute water into wine. Do we have the courage to step up and bring these gifts through to the world? Are we strong enough to take the criticisms and doubts of the world? Are we free enough within to take that quantum leap of faith into the unknown? Do we dare ……..

What the New Earth is requiring of us is courage, strength, fortitude, and commitment to follow through on the calling of our spirit and to just do it, to step out and be vulnerable and transparent. What is the embodiment process but a bridging of our light with our bodies; a joining of what we know to be true and our physical expression through our words, deeds, and actions; an overshadowing of consciousness with the cells of our bodies; a union of the unseen with the seen; the blending of the unknown with the known.

On this other level, there is sameness, equality, oneness that we all share from the Godhead. So we go from diversity to uniqueness, differences to understanding, and from limitedness to infinity. We begin to heal the sense of separation and specialness by replacing it with the union and joining in the one essence that keeps us all alive and thriving. When Thy Eye becomes single, Thy body is full of Light. The ancient saying that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than it is for man to attain his own salvation can now be replaced with “giving and receiving are one and the same”. Food for thought.


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