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Marilyn Jenett, Have You Planned Your New Year’s Revolutions?

Have You Planned Your New Year’s Revolutions? New Year’s Revolutions? No, that is not a typo. I just want you to start the year with the revolutionary new concept to create the revolutionary new you!

Revolution: 1) a sudden, radical, or complete change, 2) a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something, 3) a change of paradigm. I can think of no better way to begin this New Year than by initiating a revolution, or perhaps several.

A resolution is defined as a “firm resolve.” And for most people, with each passing day into the New Year, that firm resolve seems to turn closer to mush.

But a revolution? Now that sounds powerful. A sudden, radical, or complete change. Yes, that sounds like a call to action. No pussyfooting around here.

A fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something. Now that has substance. No superficial wishy-washy daydreaming here.

A change of paradigm. Whoa, we’re talking challenge here. Set a new example for myself.

Perhaps if we planned our New Year’s Revolutions, we just might summon up our innate power source which hooks us up to the Universal power source and find ourselves a tad closer to the completion of those goals and desires we long for.

Let’s affirm:

I’m ready now for the revolutionary new and improved ME!

On New Year’s Eve, 1983, I was ready for a revolutionary new ME. I came home from a New Year’s Eve party I had coordinated and although I was tired and weary, I was determined to change my business and my life. I knew it would take a sudden, radical, or complete change, a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something, and a change of paradigm. I was ready!

I planned a New Year’s Revolution for myself and you can see the result above in my cover story in the Los Angeles Times. To discover exactly what I did that New Year’s Eve that changed my life, read my free online memoir, Feel Free to Prosper: An Entrepreneurial Memoir of Synchronicity and Guidance. It’s free to read until the book is published this year. It’s been read over 70,000 times online where it was originally written – pretty amazing!  It also attracted my first literary agent that began my book journey and ultimately led to my becoming a Penguin Random House author.

I again created a New Year’s Revolution in 2003 when I realized there was a greater purpose for my life and I was determined to fulfill it…and did. And that, Dear Reader, is the reason I am writing to you now.
And guess what? Today, for the New Year 2017, I am preparing for yet another “revolution” that will take Feel Free to Prosper and my heart’s purpose to even greater heights that will help so many more people.

Can I inspire you to create your own revolution this year?

Let’s start with these “prosperity precepts” that give new meaning to NEW YEAR:

Now is the time for me to accept prosperity. There is only “now.” The future doesn’t exist in consciousness.

Every challenge is an opportunity for my greater success. It is pushing me to go higher than before.

Wherever I am at this moment is where my prosperity is. There is only “here.” Time and space does not exist in consciousness.

Yesterday’s experiences grow today’s successes. I apply the best and leave the rest.

Everything and everybody prospers me now. I prosper everything and everybody now.

All things are working together for my good.

Right action inspires me as the divine plan of my life unfolds.

And with that I wish you a very joyful revolution.


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 Marilyn Jenett, an accomplished business owner in the corporate arena, founded the Feel Free to Prosper program to mentor and teach others to become aligned with Universal laws and accept their right to prosper. For more information and her free gift, visit www.FeelFreetoProsper.com.

Her book, Feel Free to Prosper – Two Weeks to Unexpected Income with the Simplest Prosprerity Laws Available, is available at booksellers worldwide.