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Marilyn Jenett, The Election Results and Prosperity Laws

us flagIn this election season packed with unprecedented emotion, controversy and surprises …. had you given any thought to how you would react once the vote is over? How do you feel now and how will you feel in the future toward our President if your candidate did not win?

Will you continue to focus on the flaws and mistakes of the winner and constantly welcome proof that your opinions and judgement were correct in the first place? Or will you accept the winner , warts and all, and offer your mental, spiritual, and emotional support to help create a foundation for a “unified” America? At the same time, will you take action to create outer change if that is what you feel guided to do?

Instead of defeat, would you consider keeping your mind focused on a President who is open to divine guidance, open to listening to the heartbeat of a nation and prompted to inspire right action for the good of our nation and the world?

By maintaining these thoughts in our consciousness, we can contribute to the creation of the end result – so the RIGHT choices will be made by the victor. The Universe does respond to our thoughts, individually and collectively.


                                                                Think about, bring about

Outer circumstances – the result of the election – do not have to determine how you choose your thoughts and feelings and whether you will hold onto defeat and resentment thoughts. Outer circumstances can instead inspire you to align yourself with universal laws and hold thoughts in your mind that may indeed contribute to Universal guidance and right action for our leaders and our newly elected President.

We must not give our power to outside circumstances to determine the path of our thoughts and feelings. We must recognize our own power to choose. We must become aware that our thoughts and feelings do have incredible power – the power to reach out and make a claim in the Universal Mind Substance. I love the saying, One with God is a majority. We must realize that our personal choice to dwell on the highest, the best, the noblest, the loftiest …. will reach out and combine with the thoughts of others who are like-minded and this can dramatically turn the tide of events. We can help create a new dominant thought in the nation’s subconscious. If we can change our personal circumstances by changing our thoughts and feelings, we can also influence community, national and global change.

Does this mean you have relinquish your personal views, beliefs and desire to change outer circumstances? No, of course it doesn’t.

After the election, here are the steps that will lay the foundation for change – from the highest spiritual perspective and in alignment with prosperity laws:

 1. You did what you felt led to do on Election Day (or before, if you voted by mail as I did). You followed your own guidance to the best of your knowledge and ability. Now that vote is over…

2. Release all candidates, all parties to their highest good. Release any thoughts of anger, resentment and defeat. Contribute to the harmony and healing of our nation and to your own personal prosperity with your thoughts of harmony and healing. Remember the saying, “holding onto resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

3. If you feel led to be actively involved to create outer change in some way, do it. Don’t sit around and complain. Do something about it. But whether you do or not, keep your thoughts focused on harmony, love and peace. Mental activity alone is powerful enough to change the world. And the more you complain, the more you will create to complain about.

The Universe is listening.

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