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Pioneers of Quantum Thought

Oberto Airaudi

Oberto Airaudi (May 29, 1950 – June 24, 2013) was an Italian philosopher and artist, who founded the Federation of Damanhur, a spiritual commune, an eco-village. The Federation of Damanhur often called simply Damanhur, is situated in the Piedmont region of northern Italy about 30 miles (50 km) north of the city of Turin. 

It is located in the foothills of the Alps in the Chiusella Valley, bordering on the Gran Paradiso National Park. The community has its constitution and currency, the Credito.

Damanhur is named after the Egyptian city of Damanhur which was the site of a temple dedicated to Horus.

The Federation of Damanhur has centers in Europe, America, and Japan.

Damanhur is inspired to spread its spiritual message throughout the world to reawaken individual potential through community living, love, and respect for life, solidarity, and practical idealism. Every day, Damanhurians demonstrate their commitment toward a better world, with the hope to inspire others to do the same by encouraging those who are committed to changing their future and the future of the planet. Damanhur offers 40 years of experience supporting the growth of new intentional communities. Damanhurians are promoting a different vision of how humanity can live together through the creation of diverse communities and valuing the identity of diverse cultures.

Life at Damanhur

The constitution began with three bodies of Damanhur: The School of Meditation (ritual tradition) Social (social theory, social realization) and The Game of Life (experimentation and dynamics, life as a game, change). A fourth body was recently added, Technarcate (individual inner refinement).

Citizens participate in one of 4 levels, depending on their desired involvement: A, B, C, or D. Class A citizens share all resources and live on-site full-time. Class B citizens contribute to financial goals and live on-site a minimum of 3 days a week. Class C and D citizens live anywhere. (page 102, Merrifield, 2006) Class A & B citizens participate fully in The School of Meditation, Social, and the Game of Life. Class C citizens participate fully in The School of Meditation.

Citizens participate in one of several ways, depending on their nature: for example, the Way of the Oracle, the Way of the Monk, the Way of the Knight, the Way of Health, the Way of the Word, the Way of Art & Work, and many others. Most citizens live in houses of 10-20 people each, federated together into the Federation of Damanhur.

Learn more at http://www.damanhur.org/


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