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Osho, Love Is the Highest Value in Life

“Love is the highest value in life – It should not be reduced to stupid rituals. And love and freedom go together – you cannot choose one and leave the other. A man who knows freedom is full of love, and a man who knows love is always willing to give freedom.

If you cannot give freedom to the person you love, to whom can you give freedom? Giving freedom is nothing but trusting. Freedom is an expression of love.”

“To be in love gives you only a glimpse of grace, but to become love is to become grace itself. Start by being in love and end in becoming love.”

Osho, Won’t You Join the Dance?, Talk #2

“When you fall in love you remain a child; when you rise in love you mature. By and by love becomes not a relationship, it becomes a state of your being. It is not that you love this and you don’t love that, no – you are simply love.”

Osho, The Hidden Harmony, Talk #2

Is love basically a state of being?

“The real thing is not a relationship but a state; one is not in love but one is love. Whenever I talk about love remember this: I am talking about the state of love. Yes, relationship is perfectly good, but the relationship is going to be false if you have not attained to the state of love. Then the relationship is not only a pretension, it is a dangerous pretension, because it can go on befooling you; it can go on giving you the sense that you know what love is, and you don’t know. Love basically is a state of being; one is not in love, one is love”.

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