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Ancient-Wisdom –Exploring the frontiers of Prehistory‘.

The content of the ancient-wisdom pages was written and edited by Alex Whitaker.

“The current archaeological ‘renaissance’ is unearthing the past at an unprecedented rate, with whole new chapters of history being revealed each year. While most discoveries are mundane, there are some which have something new to tell us about who we are. They echo in testimony to our ingenuity, aspiration and our relationship with the universe within which we find ourselves.

Archaeology has allowed us to journey into the physical past,  but it has also created a forum for a dialogue within as we begin to reveal what lies beyond the physical presence of such artefacts and structures. One of the main objectives of this website therefore, is to seek out and question the wisdom of our ancestors in relation to the world we live in  today and ask the simple question:

‘...Is this really the best we can do..?’.” (from Ancient-Wisdom.com)

The objectives of ancient-wisdom:

  1. A clarification of certain ‘modern myths’ and ‘ancient mysteries’.
  2. Bridging the gap between modern myth and scientific discovery.
  3.  Exploring if and how  ancient wisdom can be used to benefit us today.


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