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Djwhal Khul

Djwhal Khul: “an inner plane Ascended Master who is one of Master Kuthumi’s main assistants with the Second Ray department of the Planetary Hierarchy. He offers his services to anyone as a spiritual counselor in ascension activation work, thoughtform clearing, Lightbody activation, karma clearing. Light quotient building, finding golden keys for healing the emotional body, in preparation for the ascension, removing matrices, relationship counseling, and healing” (“The Ascension Names and Terms Glossary” by Dr. Joshua David Stone and Sarayon Michael White)

According to Theosophical writings, Djwal Khul is said to work on furthering the spiritual evolution of our planet through the teachings offered in the 24 books by Alice Bailey of Esoteric Teachings published by The Lucis Trust; he is said to have telepathically transmitted the teachings to Bailey and is thus regarded by her followers as the communications director of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom.

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