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Jesus Christ

File:Christ, by Heinrich Hofmann.jpgJesus of Nazareth (8–2 BC – 29–36 AD), also known as Jesus ChristYeshua, Yasu, and Isa, is the central figure of Christianity, a philosopherteacher, and martyr, believed to be the Messiah of ultimate salvation and Son of God by followers of Christian traditions. He is also considered an important prophet by Muslims.

Picture by Heinrich Hofmann [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

His birth is celebrated annually on December 25 (or various dates in January for some eastern churches) as a holiday known as Christmas, his crucifixion is honored on Good Friday, and his resurrection is celebrated on Easter. The widely used calendar eraAD“, from the Latin anno Domini (“in the year of the Lord”), and the alternative “CE“, are based on the approximate birth date of Jesus.

From Jurate Gattini, editor of Enlightenment Media News: I had an honor to experience Jesus’ presence on March 21, 2000, at the time of desperation and very deep depression when I did not see any way out of misery: my second marriage totally “killed” my spirit making me “walking dead” with never stopping panic attacks. I was not able to get out of the house and take care of anything and anybody, including myself.

Out of desperation, I wrote a letter to Jesus asking for help and guidance. It was a hypothetical letter as I was neither religious nor very spiritual at that time. Nor did I expect Jesus to answer. Whatever I heard of Jesus from other people and the Church I didn’t like at all – too judgmental, dogmatic and impersonal… and no sense of humor…  If he was real, I thought, he should be kind and loving unconditionally…    I don’t remember what exactly I wrote in that letter as I didn’t save it. One thing I remember – it was a very long letter re-evaluating my life and crying out for help…. Surprisingly, it came. Jesus came in my dream as a very vivid image. Actually, it was not a dream – he was real! I was so shocked that I could hardly breathe… The first two thoughts that came to my mind were, “he is unconditional love and light, exactly as I expected”. He was communicating with me telepathically through his beautiful eyes as if saying to me that “everything will be OK”.

If I was prepared for this vision in advance, I thought later, I should have spoken with him….  When I came back to senses,  however, it was too late –  the vision was gone… The vision was gone, but not my experience and understanding of Jesus – He is unconditional Love and Light. And He is Real!  

That was the beginning of  my path to spiritual awakening. 

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