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I was exploring inaugural speeches of the presidents from different countries already delivered in the past – they had a lot in common: most leaders made a lot of declarations and promises that sounded great, but very often remained just empty slogans.

Most of those leaders represented interests of the groups that financially contributed to their election campaigns and didn’t want any changes whatsoever (that would reduce their profits). The conflict has always been evident: you can’t improve the healthcare system, for example, if it is based on profit. You can’t have a good education system when teachers are paid less than policemen and higher education is so expensive that it takes decades for the students to pay off their student loans. It goes without saying that human beings were not created to live in fear, trying to make ends meet, in fear of losing a job or a home, or getting sick from unhealthy food…   

Many times the progress has been made as human evolution has never stopped evolving. There are many countries that can boast great achievements in education and high quality of life overall. Their experiences have to be studied and applied everywhere possible, totally or partially. In fact, humanity already has a lot of answers and solutions to eradicating poverty, diseases and other problems as amazing innovations, inventions and discoveries have taken place. New technologies that would make our lives better are ready to be used (if allowed).

It is obvious to me that the only way humanity could take a leap in changing the world to the place where everybody is healthy, prosperous and happy is by enlightenment – by awakening to our true unlimited power that we already have within us, by changing redundant and harmful “programs” that are running our subconscious minds and by deliberate creation of the paradise that we are dreaming about. It is possible! The power of human mind is the strongest asset that humanity has. Let’s use it for the good of all!   

How can we do it? What can we do? How can we re-do so many things that no longer work for us? In a practical way, not only by wishing, dreaming or praying. Resistance to the changes is huge, but the progress and accelerated evolution is even more powerful, unstoppable and unavoidable. They say, “If you can’t beat your enemy, join them”. I would like to translate it in a modern way, suitable for the 21st century, “If you can’t stop the progress, stop resisting it, change, embrace and join it”.

The US Constitution begins with “We the people…..” . Yes, we the people can change the world for the better. Ask the people! I am convinced that almost every human being that lives on our planet has something to say about how to improve or change things for the better – in a small or big way – in their homes, offices, cities, in their back yards or in the international arena, in healthcare or education.  

We invite you to take part in our “Change the World Project”. It is a people’s project. The question for you is, “If you had a power to change the world for the better in a practical way, what would you do?” 

We welcome any positive practical ideas (big or small) that you would like to share with others. This project is not intended to blame or accuse. It is not a wishful thinking/ dreaming forum either. We will record and categorize the ideas presented and when our project grows to a global level, we will present it to the global audience and global leaders one way or another. Let’s change the world for the better together!

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  1. Jurate Bria Gattini
    Jurate Bria Gattini

    “Do what you can, where you are, with what you have” . These wise words of Teddy Roosevelt can be said in a slightly different way, “Every change in your life starts with you”.
    It is so true! We just have to look around and see what is not working for us in the first place…..

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