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Dan Millman, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

EMN  recommends: Dan Millman’s, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book that Changes Lives. “Soc, I’ve been battling illusions my whole life, preoccupied with every petty personal problem. I’ve dedicated my life to self-improvement without grasping the one problem that sent me seeking in the first place. While trying to make everything in the world work out for me, I kept getting sucked back into my own mind, always preoccupied with me, me, me.”

Tom Butler-Bowdon, the author of 50 Spiritual Classics,  puts the essence of the book in one sentence – “Lose your self-importance and adopt a strategy of unreasonable happiness”. “Happiness resulting from the satisfaction of cravings is the happiness of a fool. A warrior is “happy without reason”.

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