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Peter Shepherd, My Views on Christ Consciousness

Each of us is 100% responsible for our subjective reality, i.e. our private mental and emotional space, our own universe. This includes our interpretations of events, based on our beliefs and memories, attachments and fears, and our corresponding emotional reactions. The corollary is that we are certainly not at all responsible for another person's subjective reality, i.e. their thoughts and feelings.
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Sofia Balas, Where Dreams Come True
Beyond Ordinary

Dr. Peter Russell, The Great Awakening

We are living through the most exciting times in human history. Breakthroughs in every area of science are opening our minds to the beauty and mystery of the material world. At the same time technology is giving us the power to make many of our dreams come true.
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Gio Kadagishvili, Six Sense
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Edwin Harkness Spina, Mysticism, Dogma and Truth

A question I’m often asked is, “Is mysticism a religion?” Mysticism is a spiritual discipline aiming at direct communion with God or the ultimate truth. It is not a religion and, in fact, all religions have mystics. There are Christian mystics, Jewish mystics (Kabbalists), Islamic mystics (Sufis), Buddhist, and Hindu mystics. Where all the tenets of these religions intersect is where you’ll find the mystics.
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Mac Fulfer, Amazing Face Readings: Is Intelligence something that can be seen on a person’s face?

Is intelligence something that can be seen on a person's face? If we are talking about predicting a person's IQ score with a tiny margin of error, then probably not. Researchers claim that there are at least 23 different kinds of intelligence. Since our faces reflect our thoughts and feelings, it is not surprising that we will find quite a few facial clues to help us answer this question. “A man’s face is his autobiography. A woman’s face is her work of fiction.”– Oscar Wilde
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