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Dr. Peter Russell, The Global Brain Awakens

In “The Global Brain Awakens”, Dr. Russell, internationally renowned physicist-futurist, presents a new vision of humanity’s potential, “our next evolutionary leap”, presenting evidence that “the earth, itself, is a living being, and every person upon it a cell in the planetary nervous system. He describes how breakthroughs in telecommunications and computer networks are rapidly linking the human species into an embryonic global brain. 

At the same time, the human potential movement is growing faster than any other segment of society, and influencing every aspect of the culture – including business, politics, and medicine. Dr. Russell shows how these powerful changes are creating the required conditions for an evolutionary shift in consciousness from ego-centrism to geo-centrism”. 

Learn more about the author at  https://enlightenmentmedianews.com/peter-russell-m-a-d-c-s/


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