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Spontaneous Transformation Technique

Spontaneous Transformation Technique was created by Jennifer McLean, spiritual teacher, leader, and healer.

“The technique itself is a seven-step process that guides individuals to safely recognize and go deeper into unresolved challenges. Witnessing the inner landscape of unconscious beliefs through observation, honoring and “conversing,” brings about a spontaneous transformation which changes the structure of being itself:

  1.   Acknowledge your current triggered emotion in the moment. Use it to discover a new perspective.
  2.  Ask: What am I feeling right now? Move your attention inward
  3.  Ask: Where do I feel this in my body? Move your attention to that specific place in your body.
  4.  Arrive in that place, inside your body. Look around. Sense what is there. Describe it to yourself in detail.
  5.  Ask that body part: What do you need? Then wait for the answer. Listen. It is usually a quality like support, acknowledgment, safety, love, compassion, etc
  6. Ask that aspect of you: What would it feel like to experience that need as fully expressed? Allow the body to feel the fulfillment of that need.
  7. Try to feel or sense the initially triggered emotion. It will have changed, if not disappeared, and the body part will feel better, too.”

Source of information/ see more at https://www.mcleanmasterworks.com

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