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Waldorf education

Waldorf education, also known as Steiner education, is based on the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy. Its pedagogy strives to develop pupils’ intellectual, artistic, and practical skills in an integrated and holistic manner. The cultivation of pupils’ imagination and creativity is a central focus.

Individual teachers and schools have a great deal of autonomy in determining curriculum content, teaching methodology, and governance. Qualitative assessments of student work are integrated into the daily life of the classroom, with quantitative testing playing a minimal role and standardized testing usually limited to what is required to enter post-secondary education.

The first Waldorf school opened in 1919 in Stuttgart, Germany. A century later, it has become the largest independent school movement in the world, with about 1,200 independent Waldorf schools, 2,000 kindergartens, and 646 centers for special education located in 75 countries. There are also a number of Waldorf-based public schools, charter schools and academies, and homeschooling environments.

Some Waldorf schools in English-speaking countries have met opposition due to vaccine hesitancy among the parents of some Waldorf pupils, differences in education standards, and the mystical and antiquated nature of some of Steiner’s theories.

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