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Sutra (also sutta)

  1. A rule or aphorism in Sanskrit literature, or a set of these on grammar or Hindu law or philosophy. Example sentences: (a) ‘In the yoga sutra of Patanjali, as long as the soul is attached to sense enjoyment, it is called pratyag-atma.’ (b) ‘The bases of Vedic mathematics are the 16 sutras which attribute a set of qualities to a number or a group of numbers.’ (c) ‘Brahman that is the source of everything as mentioned in the Vedanta sutras is not jiva is very clear from Lord Siva’s prayer.
  2.  A Buddhist or Jainist scripture. Example sentences: (a) ‘Now, as knowledge, the Buddha taught many sutras and many tantras, and they are all words – words of advice given by the Buddha, the enlightened one who reached that level.’ (b) ‘The sutras are the teachings, mostly given by the Buddha, in answer to questions or as direction to the community.’

From Sanskrit sūtra ‘thread, rule’, from siv ‘sew’.



Definition by Oxford dictionary

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