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Vishnu (Sanskrit pronunciation: [vɪʂɳu])  is the Hindu god, one of the Bhagavan Vishnu.jpgprincipal deities of Hinduism, and the Supreme Being in its Vaishnavism tradition. Vishnu works alongside  gods Brahma and Shiva to “preserve” the world. He brings about harmony when powers become unbalanced, and provides protection and mercy to all. A benevolent and loving deity, Vishnu can help you feel safe about your life. In Hindu iconography, Vishnu is usually depicted as having a dark, or pale blue complexion and having four arms. He holds a padma (lotus flower) in his lower left hand, Kaumodaki gada (mace) in his lower right hand, Panchajanya shankha (conch) in his upper left hand and the Sudarshana Chakra (discus) in his upper right hand. A traditional depiction is Vishnu reclining on the coils of the serpent Shesha, accompanied by his consort Lakshmi, as he “dreams the universe into reality”.


Source of information and picture – Wikipedia, online encyclopedia and Doreen Virtue, PhD “Ascended Masters” 

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